by Eva

My dad passed away a month after my brother and mom moved in with me. I am a stay at home mom but so is my sister who also lives in the same town about 3 blocks away! I love my mom very much and like having her with me but she is disabled, has diabetes and can't eat a lot of foods.

I have two little children one with asthma/adhd
and the other with kidney problems and a husband. I'm tired and angry with my sister she makes me angry with her excuses that her selfish spoiled daughters whom are married still want to party and leave my sister the kids 24/7.....sister can not tell them NO! Ridiculous!

She's a natural born bully! I am so angry when she does have 10 minutes of her time she criticizes me! She schedules appointments for mom that of course I'll take her too without asking if I had something planned or if my kids are sick...she is so selfish...

When our dad passed away she had to be at the hospital a lot because she had Power Of Attorney for his health...I couldn't care for dad as I had a sick elderly mom, kids, and husband to take care of. Then dad passed and she threw the fact that she was in the hospital caring for him and EXCLUDED me in a lot of the decisions of the funeral planning. I was to sing with the family as well and she deliberately told/excluded me from the funeral program, even picking things out...

Now she states to people that since she was with dad at hospital alot now she will leave me with mom a lot but I LIVE with mom it's different and difficult for me.

When dad was here and healthy I visited him everyday and enjoyed seeing him, she did not until he got sick! It's about the time you spend with them when they are healthy and know us still not when its too late! I need some help from can I tell her that mom misses her and asks for her a lot,this makes me sad for mom but makes me feel invisible/angry and guilty!

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