I'm so Sad about My Dad's Anger

by Amy

My father is 80 he has always been controlling and angry. At times he has had a laugh and he has always supported me and my brother both financially and in general needs of life. He came from Cairo with my mum in 1968. He was an engineer then he became a high school principal.

My mother and him no longer share same room or even go on holidays. My dad is financially well off and my brother is very good. I'm a medically retired nurse and living in housing commission which I hate. He rents all our properties as he is in love with money.

I have tried to tell him I'm very unhappy as I can live in one of our properties and pay my way. But he would rather make more money.

Unfortunately when he leaves this world I'll be in a house. That is the type of man he has become. He fights with my brother who is 55 and wants to live his life.

He fights with anyone when his way is not followed. He mainly has become nasty he controls my money and puts me down to the point I don't want to live.

My bro got me a puppy and my dad's comments where you have failed go away,leave me alone when j try and help. Recently he hit a car and saw no damage and left the scene but there waz damage and police may charge him with hit and run.
I'm so confused and depressed is it me??

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