I Thought Slavery was Abolished!!

by Erin

My mom has been abusive life long. My earliest for me memory was of her chasing me through the house while everyone was at School beating me ( I was 3) for messing p a stick of pancake makeup. I endured her abuse until I was 19 when w no planning moved out after yet another attack borderlines see us as extensions of them and they feel they own you for life always the child.

I cared for my dad and now my mom they wouldn't help me with 1300 to keep my house but gave my married sister 2 = the 600k house 5k for new roof.

Since moms MRSA infection a small gait issue spiraled into what may be Lewy body dementia. She has hallucination illusions delusions and is highly verbally abusive and also physically.

It takes both my 22 year old son and me 12 hours each to cover her needs. This keeps us from working. I think mom needs to go into a nursing home. But my jeeps in her name and I haven't any money 20 bucks in my bank account.

My sister local only comes to harass mom to change the will. She already got mom to change it after dad died when I wasn't living here she is now co executor she wants the house and all the money and says it openly. She too is a borderline personality and has had a PFA for assaulting my son mother and me .

The other lives in Florida and came up to New Jersey (were in PA ) and didn't even stop to see mom . I'm also POA and they get mad if
we get shoes or pants but were doing ALL the work landscaping house cleaning bills cooking cleaning laundry and caring for mom .

She goes to the home were in the street penniless and alone . HOW DO I GET OUT OF HERE???? The 2 lazy sisters expect all my moms money as inheritance and threaten me if I even get a pack of cigarettes.

My mom also spent my sons savings account they took off me when he was 6 cause I used 800 to try to save my house. 26k gone all the other kids got theirs .

My mom hates me for not staying under her control.

Still tells me she never got over i rather go play w my friends when I was 4 SHE NEVER GOT OVER IT???

Shes always been mentally ill and everyone turned a blind eye . Anyone know if there is any help for we who do not have a normal family? She refused medications 2 days now shes meaner by the minute.

I cant stand it I try to focus on her but knowing were going to be put in street if shes in a home or dies i am having major chest pains daily 11 months not one hour break.

Shes refusing water baths and food and calls me a whore to my son unprovoked shes full of made up stories shes engaged in narcissistic pitting my whole life and everyone thinks its true .

We are being abused for doing the right thing all I want to do is have a day w my son that we can eat and sleep wo her screaming and calling us dirty names.

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