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have to stop it
by: Anonymous

I thought my mom was okay to drive a few years ago until I happened to be in the same parking lot as her. I saw her car and just waited until she came out and took off.

Didn't look at a thing, just took off across the parking lot going sideways so anyone coming down a lane had to slam on their brakes. When dementia starts to hit, things are just forgotten.

I realized then the need to get her off the road was now before some innocent person got hurt by her actions. We fought and argued and I got it, goodness losing the ability to drive yourself is giving up the first step of independence, but it had to be done.

I did something kind of sneaky and I don't regret it. I told her that to renew insurance at her age, she had to take both tests. She couldn't pass the written one so she never even made it to the driving, but I'm sure a qualified instructor would have failed her just observing all she was doing.

I did call ahead to the DMV and told them what I was going to do. They said they couldn't participate in any way, but can certainly provide the tests. I don't know if your town would do that or not, but it was no problem.

After that, it's just the way it is, Mom. The time has come. If she were to have driven and killed someone (heaven forbid) she could have lost everything she had and come to find out as her caregiver, I could have to being held responsible for reckless behavior !

Think hard of a way to stop this. It's sad, but needs to be done.


by: Anonymous

I had this very same concern with my mother...seemed every corner of her car had some ding, dent, or large scratch. She began to get lost a few times as well.

Although this may sound very harsh, have you checked his insurance lately? Or thought about increasing the liability insurance amounts?

Food for thought as at least the estate could or may be protected if the unthinkable happened...they are going to drive unless you literally take the keys and sell the car, seems like a freedom issue and not wanting to be a burden...

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