Holiday Crafts - Year Round Fun

Holiday Crafts - Year Round Fun

Whether you love to craft because you’re a hands-on type of person or you take pride in making things for the home, there is something to make for each season of the year to stay busy and create gifts for friends and family or place around the home to get into the spirit of the coming holiday. Creative crafters also use various natural materials outdoors to transform into fun, beautiful crafts.

During the fall, colors of red, orange and yellow create a perfect color palette for the outdoors, and there are plenty of holiday crafts to bring the crisp scents and sights of autumn into your own home. If you want to decorate for a particular holiday like Halloween or Thanksgiving, purchase materials from your local craft store or find items at a farmer's market.

Does Mom love to paint? Spray painting dried gourds in colors such as gold, orange and red create a perfect centerpiece for a Thanksgiving table. While Dad is out for his afternoon walk, he can pick up dried leaves to glue onto a glass candle holder.

holiday crafts

This easy craft simply requires spray adhesive onto the backside of the leaves and then wrap them around the glass candleholder and leave (no pun intended) to dry. Once the glue is dry, you have festive, colorful holders for your candles throughout the entire fall season.

Holiday Seasons Craft Ideas

Winter is full of holiday-themed crafts, especially Christmas. However, even Mom and Dad need a little romance in their lives. Valentine's Day is a perfect excuse to craft whimsy pieces of décor and place around the home. One holiday crafts idea is to cover glass candleholders in pieces of red, pink and white lace to brighten up the room and enhance the look of candlelight during any drab winter day.


A colorful sun catcher is lovely hanging in the window of any room, and can easily be made by drawing hearts on wax paper with crayons and coloring them in, then cutting out and hanging each heart from the top of the windowsill on a string. In a long-term living facility, gathering a group of your friends to create place mats will add to the ambiance of any dining room. Using paper heart cutouts or stamps, decorate each rectangular piece of construction paper and then set between two pieces of clear shelving liner.

After a cold winter, everyone is happy to get back to the outdoors. A wreath is a great addition to any front door, and you can easily purchase the materials at any craft store. On the wreath, add silk flowers, embellishments or seasonal items to create a cheerful display for guests to see when they arrive at your door.

Easter is the most celebrated event during spring, and there are many holiday crafts to do to get your home ready for friends or family. Instead of adding eggs to a traditional concoction of water

holiday crafts beading

and food coloring, purchase decorative napkins and Mod Podge from the craft store. Blow out the center of the egg and then cut out the designs from the napkins and smooth onto the egg with Mod Podge. Once you're done, set them around an Easter luncheon at home or at a long-term living facility.

If Mom loves Cinco de Mayo, take her to a neighborhood flower market to pick out festive flowers in orange, red, pink or white to create a centerpiece for a Cinco de Mayo get-together.

holiday crafts beads and glitter

Summer is a favorite season for many and Fourth of July is a festive time to decorate and be crafty. Cut out stars in red, white and blue and hang them from a satin ribbon to use as bunting on a wall or near the barbecue table.

If you love to spend a long summer day outdoors, stamp the opening edge of paper bags with a star-shaped hole punch and place miniature LED lights inside for a glowing centerpiece as you watch the fireworks.


If you love holiday crafts, there is no end to what you can make using items around the home or purchased from a craft store. For those who do crafts, it gets everyone in the spirit of the season or holiday and adds a personal touch to your surroundings.

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