Hidden Object Games - Fun and Challenge for the Elderly

Oh, the games we played! Nobody should ever get tired of playing games, whether you're five years old or 95 years old.

Games stimulate the brain. They may seem like a waste of time to many, but actually, they are the most defective, stimulating and fun way to increase memory, reasoning, math skills and problem solving. Games increase neural activity and development in an aging brain.

Hidden Object Games - Stimulate Your Mind

Hidden object games stimulate shape recognition and cause the eye and the brain to focus on a search for specific items. Games are found in game puzzle books such as those found in your local bookstore, or may be purchased as computer software at an office supply store.

One of the most popular game developers is Pop Cap, creating games like Mystery P.I. -The Lottery Ticket, just one example of dozens of object games where players are given a number of locations to search for certain items. Some games are easier than others, and - depending on the graphics in the software - range from very easy to very difficult.

Hidden Object Games

Software games provide hours a stimulating enjoyment. Even if you can't find an object within the screen, you can click a "hint" button to highlight the missing object so that you can move on through the game. Some games merely ask you to find a hidden object, while other games such as Titanic - Secrets of the Fateful Voyage, or Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena - require you to find certain objects through a story line to advance through the game.

Games such as this may also be found online. Free downloads are available on websites such as:

Some hidden object games can be played for free without downloading on your computer.  Free hidden object games as well as subscription hidden object games are available online, depending on your preferences.

Games also promote concentration and serve to lengthen attention spans.  Recognition between shapes, colors and objects provides both visual and memory recognition, which helps to stimulate older brains and keep them active.

Hidden object games and other types of games help to keep brain cells firing on all cylinders. Daily stimulation of the brain encourages open neural pathways, brain cell growth and rejuvenation, and helps to maintain sharpness, attention to detail, and reasoning and thinking process skills.

Games purchased from an office supply store as software average in price between $10 and $15. Of course, explore free online games on the Internet, or consider subscribing to a game site for as little as $5 to $10 a month. Explore your options when it comes to online or software resources for games, because no matter where you find them, they're fun, engaging, and challenging.

Hidden Object Games

Getting Your Loved One to Play

If Mom or Dad balk at the idea of playing elderly games, encourage them through example. Games are not just for kids. Elders may enjoy the games, and, once they're hooked, want more difficult games to attempt.

Nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities around the country now offer residents computer access. Activity directors or children of elderly parents in a nursing home or skilled nursing facility should have access to online games and gaming opportunities. 

Remember, anything that stimulates the mind is beneficial, whether it's a New York Sunday Times crossword puzzle or a game.To make things easy to start, sit down with Mom or Dad and play a game together. Or, start playing again yourself, and then ask for help from Mom or Dad. This is also a good way to stimulate conversation, companionship, and interaction with others, all good things for seniors to help prevent feelings of isolation and depression.

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