Hidden Object Games for Elderly Activities

by Kit
(Holland, MI)

Bonding with Elderly Parents

Bonding with Elderly Parents

I love playing hidden object games and realized that the need to focus on specific objects when looking for items on the list would be an excellent brain exercise for Dad. He’s been having trouble focusing lately. We’re at the point now where we’re labeling items in the house for easier recognition. These mind games are perfect for focusing attention on specific tasks. The games are downloadable and provide a variety of options.

While Dad has never been a big computer user, when we sit together on the couch with my laptop and play hidden object games, he enjoys them immensely. It's a good time for us to bond and is good exercise for his brain. I like the fact that this is something that we can do together. They're easy to play, have specific goals, and help my dad to remain task-oriented.

I've found a variety of websites that provide hidden object game for seniors. That's all you have to do – type in ‘hidden object games for seniors’ and you'll come across a variety of websites that offer free downloads.

You don't have to tell your elderly loved one that the games are for brain exercises, but just for fun. To get mom or dad started if they're hesitant, sit down and start one of the games and then ask for their help. Before you know it, they'll be actively involved and having fun at the same time.

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Hidden Object Games just Difficult Enough for Mom for be Satisfied
by: Cathy

Games may seem frivolous to many, but they can be extremely effective in promoting interaction, socialization, and improving brain functioning.

While it takes my mom longer than me to find hidden objects on the computer screen, she eventually finds them all and gains a great sense of pleasure and satisfaction in her success.

Elderly Social Interaction with Hidden Object Games
by: Jean

I got my kids to sit down with Grandpa to play games and found that the social interaction has helped to distract him from his concerns, at least for a little while.

My kids love playing hidden object games, and asking their grandpa for help makes him feel needed.

Convinced to Play Hidden Object Games Mother Now Likes It.
by: Wanda

I found that my mom wasn't too keen on the idea of "wasting her time with games", but when I told her that hidden object games, which by the way, I also like to play, could increase her brain function, attention to detail, and focus, she was willing to give it a try.

To her surprise, she liked them, and now it has become part of our regular evening routine.

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