Help Me Help Mom so I Can Help Me.

by Lisa

Mom has become violent and has begun to frighten me with some things she has begun to say.. I had a spinal fusion some years back and find that after work I need to lie down for about half an hour. However mom can't wait until I walk in the door to start on me about just any thing.

She recently expressed to me that she knew my back hurt but if she stabbed me with the knife she was holding it would also hurt(scary). I have had to leave my home for fear of loss of control and have left my husband there to deal with her.
She threatened to call the Sheriff and accused me of abuse. Believe me if I blew on my mother she would fall down.

Mom suffers from severe osteoporosis. She has shrunk 5 inches and is down to 98lbs and she barely eats a bite. Mom is also a vet as she served in the navy during wartime and I know she is eligible for some kind of assistance. I can't get any info from her so I can go no further, and no my family is cruel and unhelpful. I have been told how stupid I am for moving her in with us, instead I should put her away now.

Mom's life insurance has been canceled and she basically is without feasible finances. I hate to go on about myself but I suffer from panic disorder and have literally become paralyzed with fear I believe I had a petite mal seizure of some sort. I am at my wits end, I am a nervous breakdown in the process please help me any way you can.


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There is Help Out There
by: Anonymous

Dear Lisa,
There is help for your mom through the veteran's administration. A friend of mine got benefits for her mother-in -law who was married to a vet who actively served during wartime (they receive more in benefits).

Do whatever you need to do to get your mom's social security number and start calling, calling, calling until you get the help that she is entitled to. If one person states that they can't help you ask them an open ended question,'who can you refer me to that may be able to help my mom?'

Good Luck, let us know how it goes.
mary, santa rosa ca

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