Greedy Sister Wants it All

by Candy
(Paris, TX)

My mother does not have a will, my sister, who is an attorney, tried to pressure her into leaving her estate to her grandchildren (my sisters children.) My mother refused to sign it and said she wanted her assets divided between her three children and they could at their discretion give it to their own children. My brother and I have no children so we would have effectively been disinherited by my sister's attempt.

Since then she has had no interest or involvement in my mothers care, although she only lives about an hour away, visits only once or twice a year, when she is in the area for other reasons. She does not call or help in anyway. She is angry that my mother is being cared for in her own home (which was my mother's wish) and sees this as a "waste of money." Sadly, she seems to resent that my mother is still alive. She's made a lot of comments about how much value our mother's home has lost in the recent economic downturn and what a shame we couldn't have unloaded it a couple years ago.

My mother has a very limited income so my brother and I have had to pay for everything my mother needs, medicine, medical supplies, etc. to the tune of about $50,000 each over the past eight years as well as provide a tremendous amount of time, lost wages, etc. My sister has contributed absolutely nothing even though her income is four times what mine is.

I do not begrudge my mother the time or money I have spent caring for her, we were blessed with wonderful parents and she deserves the best possible care we can give her. However I really resent that after my mother is gone, my sister will be given the same share my brother and I will, and we will never be reimbursed for our expenditures. I hate it that she is profiting from her greed and lack of care for our mother.

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Are you sure?
by: Anonymous

I think there has to be a way for you and your brother to be reimbursed for expenses from your Mother's estate. When your Mom passes and before an attorney (hopefully not your sister) and your Mom's appointed executor (has she appointed one?) divides the estate, outstanding bills need to be paid.

Keep your receipts and present your bills to the executor. The bills have to be paid before the estate gets settled.

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