God Bless Us All

by Luisa
(San Francisco)

You know after reading everyone's posts....there is no golden answer or remedy to feel better, but rather the support of knowing that we are not the only ones enduring this burden.

To ask siblings who have no common sense, no timeliness, no critical thinking....no, we can't rely on them sadly, tried once, never again - they don't fit the job, that's a given.

So I pray for all of you, and for me, for the grace to consider this our gift to our loving parent, that we are the chosen angel for this parent to help them crossover from this life to the next.

It is a sacred assignment and an honorary one. This is the ONLY solace, and truth I can find. It doesn't always make me feel better, but I know we will be blessed for it in the end.

My story just got more exciting. If it wasn't enough that my elderly father rolled his car, how about my 60 year old sister who joined a cult coming back after 16 years and says she is here to help us heal - she says she was just focused on a goal all this time (it was a cult to heal the world) and didn't realize the hurt and abandonment we went through with her hiding from us. Really?

I asked if the tables were turned what would she think if I did that to her and she said "I would think that you were very focused on something and I would have respected that but I would never have taken it personal." Really? For sixteen years, really?

She would never return our calls, and hid herself from being found. So, my friends, be glad you're not dealing with that too. I read a lot online tonight and realized she may need years of therapy to get some awareness.

Meanwhile, as my fathers advocate I must deal with her crazy and self absorbed and reunite her with my father since he is old. I don't understand life at all, I can not, but I trust God he will see me through and he will reward my work.

At least that's what I am banking on and making grand deposits in the eternal bank daily. You are too. God bless all of you, I will keep you in my prayers.

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