Gave up Everything-They didn't Need Me

by Terri
(Florida )

My 83 year old dad had heart surgery, my 71 year old mom came to Arkansas and assisted me in selling my business and everything in my house, to live with them in FL, because they needed help. I sold everything except my clothes and framed newspapers articles about my accomplishments becoming an internationally recognized breeder of rare cats. I was given an office and a bedroom.

The next two weeks they are on a cruise, the third one they have taken since I moved here. They did NOT NEED me. My mother wanted to change me, hoped I would accept their high society lifestyle and leave friends with pets and a love for animals behind. I have been through depression for 6 months, I don't want to stay here but they talked me into selling everything I have.

Now, let me backtrack, my dad is hard of hearing therefore, my mom is lonely and I fill that void. My dad is older and they do need help with stuff like harder household tasks, taking down windows to be washed, keeping up on pulling weeds, but everyone knows they can afford to pay to have it done.

I am trapped and resentful. I have 22 cats in a separate building, that is what I do.....sell, show and sell cats, it is not easy for me to just move. Any good advice out there?

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What did You do with the Money?
by: Anonymous

You say that you sold everything. What did you do with the money? I suggest that you start over again with whatever money you have left. I'm guessing that you live with them expense-free. You should, any way.

Take your life back. They are using you and it's not fair. I'm sure that you'll snap out of your depression once you are in your own place again.

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