to get them to eat nutrional meals when they can't chew hard food because of their teeth & when they say their not hungry most of the time..HELP!

by Kimberly
(Hi desert)

My mom is going crazy trying to feed and take care of my grandparents. They are never really hungry, have difficulty chewing hard food because of their teeth and every time you ask them what they'd like to eat, they can never give a good answer leaving her frustrated.

Her main concern is that they get enough nutrients in their bodies for their health and hopefully live & be with us longer. She's given them paper so they can write down what food they like and are able to eat but they'll put down like spaghetti to eat 3 times a week mom says that's not good enough they need more nutrients in their body.

She spends so much money preparing complete meals that they end up only eating a very little or don't like and since its not getting eaten, it goes to waste. Waste of money she don't have. She has just went thru diverticulosis surgery early last year then breast cancer surgery she still hasn't heeled from and is doing everything she can to take care of them on her own. Most of the family won't help, not even her brother.

Her sister has MS and lives in a different state so she can't help and dealing with certain family members selfishness and when they do ever call or come by, they nit pick about everything giving her so much grief about how she's taking care of my grandparents.

My husband and I used to go stay for weeks at a time helping out but our car broke down before thanksgiving and we live like 200 miles
away. Putting them into a nursing home is out of the question, and getting any kind of aid financially ect..the state/government would want to take their house as payment so you need to watch out what they want in return if we are to seek help.

We're not rich. Living off of 1300.00 in social security between my grandfather and mother and that's it. Applying for food stamps is a joke for them. They were refused because they make too much money...they say...give me a break! 1,300.00 for 2 people to live on with expenses like utility bills, property taxes, doctor, Co-payment visits, medications, car insurance, ext...don't leave much to eat on, and I find it absolutely ridiculous for the food stamp program to refuse by saying they make to much money.

They will give it to people who do nothing but take advantage of our system but not give it to our elderly families. I don't get it!!!!

Anyway, I'm just trying to seek some advice from people who might have other ideas that maybe will help my mom out somehow before the stress kills her too. My husband and I are trying our best to get transportation which will give her some relief, but the bottom line is how do we make them eat?

Can't afford dental for them, and my grandmother has early dementia on top of everything else. She does like drinking ensure, but dammit who can afford that on their income.

Coupons/discounts/free products? Is there any of that available? We need daily supplies to keep them healthy. Anyone have any suggestions out there???
Thanks for listening...god bless

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by: JH

Get a professional quality blender, (vitamix or blendtec) and experiment with it. Smoothies are fast, clean up is simple, and the nutrition can be complete. Experiment with ingredients. A staple for us is:
1 banana
1 apple
1/2C ice
1/2 ts cinnamon
1 C almond milk
1/2C oatmeal
1/4C Flaxseed meal
1/2C sugar or honey

Blend for 45 seconds.

Loaded with omega 3 for central nervous system support, an array of vitamins and minerals and fiber.

Food Problem
by: Anonymous

Just some brainstorming ideas: I find the internet very helpful in cooking up cheap and nutritious meals. Read Eat To Live, by Dr. Fuhrman.

For chewing troubles: think smoothies, blended soups (use leftover veggies and herbs),
baked squash, rice dishes. Steamed vegetables, (save the water for soup stock), eat beans.

Tomorrow I will make apple and smoked beans, and the day after that stuffed cabbage with grains.

Can you use the community food pantry? or get food help at your local church?

Start with whatever you have on hand for an ingredient, look up recipes for that item on the internet and in no time you might be inspired to have fun cooking. Best wishes.

EDITOR NOTE - Great Advice! Thank you for contributing!

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