Frustrated....Annoyed and Sad...

by Michele
(Miami, FL)

I got custody of my 87 year old Mother last May. I moved her from NC to FL because she was alone and my brother was supposed to be looking after her, which he wasn't...thus I had to go get her.

Her situation is very frustrating because she has dementia. She had a total knee replacement in October and was in rehab for 4 months and they kicked her out because she ran out of Medicare paydays. The rehab let her fall and she broke her arm. So now, she is home, she can't walk, has a broken arm and can't remember from one second to the next.

I am changing diapers(phew), cutting up food, bed baths, etc. I am too old (61) to have a 186 pound baby. I don't want to put her in a home because she gets very depressed.

My greatest frustration is not being able to get help during the day to watch her. I work and I've been using all my vacation time since last Tuesday to care for her because I can't leave her alone and my job will not work with me to let me work the night shift (which they can do, but won't). I work for the post office.

I have applied for a Medicaid waiver, but you know that takes time.

If anyone knows of any organizations that I can get some free help, please let me know. I have tried PACE, EASTER SEALS,CATHOLIC CHARITIES, etc.

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by: Anonymous

The Lutheran Church sounds viable. I will do some research.

Thank you both for the suggestions.

Lutheran Church
by: Anonymous

My boss's mom was living in FL and needed care. He contacted the Lutheran Church, even though his mom wasn't Lutheran, and the church became her guardian. They put her in a decent home and paid for her care. I have no idea how this works, but it's an option.

I Hope this Helps
by: Anonymous

Maybe you could try other churches in your area. Our church has a program where the elderly can sign up for whatever they need.

It is a way for church members to tithe in deeds, in addition to our monetary tithe. They can sign up for housecleaning, home repair, heavy cleaning, such as windows, mowing and yard work, errand running, laundry service or home visits.

The only thing is, it won't be one person who does this. More than likely, it will be several. It could even be a different person for each day of the week, because people will volunteer for a certain day. Perhaps a church in your area offers something similar.

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