by Ken
(Calimesa, CA)

My Mom is 84 and lives about 5 miles away from me. All the rest of my family is living out of state.

I used to enjoy going over to her house and visit a few days a week and to keep an eye on her but now I dread it and feels like it sucks the life and energy out of me with her constant negativity and complaining.

I kid you not, that in a three hour visit with her I maybe hear one positive comment out of her.

The rest are ones of her obsessing with her health and her thinking she must have something wrong with her because she's tired all the time. All medical tests have proven that she's fine but she still obsesses that there's something wrong that they must have overlooked and onto the next specialist she's sent to.

I tell her that she needs to get out of the house and be around other people and she says she can't because her elderly dog has to have a special diet cooked for her and it takes all day and onto the obsessing with what might be wrong with the dog.

It seems it's one issue after the other that she obsesses and is negative about and frankly it's gotten where I so dread going over there or calling her and yes I feel guilty. I try and keep my patience to me but today was one of those days I almost let it slip.

I went over there and she said that she was under so much stress, she was worried that her dog might have had a seizure because she was moving around oddly earlier on in the morning (the dog was fine for a dog that's 15) and she was busy having to deal with that, wash laundry, and trying to reconcile a bank statement.

After hearing her go on and on about this for about ten minutes I said that I would trade her places any day because she had no stress compared to what I had to deal with in my life including taking on her complaining.

Many times when I have called her she answers normally but when she hears my voice, her voice changes to a quiet sad unhappy voice. Like the title says above, I'm frustrated.

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