Free Brain Games – the Options Seem to Be Limitless

by Victoria
(Chicago, IL)

Free Brain Games for Seniors

Free Brain Games for Seniors

I was rather surprised when searching the Internet for brain exercises for my group at the long-term care center that there was such a wide variety of free brain games available on the Internet.

Many of them are specifically catered to seniors or to those who have experienced some kind of memory or mental decline.

Actually, you can find quite a few just by typing "free brain games" into your favorite browser search bar. The range of brain games is vast, and many are catered to improving or maintaining memory skills, focus on attention and attention spans, as well as language skills.

One that provides a variety of brain games including puzzles, is, which has a large variety of games from holiday themed, sports themed, strategy, action, word, card, and casino games. In the section under "brain games" you can take your pick of over a dozen games.

Be careful, or you'll get quite involved playing some of the most popular games, such as Jewel Quest, Word Search, Egypt Hidden Object, and Puzzles Solitaire, but you'll also find that many are catered to the older crowd.

When looking for free brain games on the Internet however, do take care to cater the level of difficulty or challenge to your loved one. The goal is to not only relieve boredom and have some fun, but to actually provide beneficial exercise for the brain that increase neural stimulation as well as elasticity in the brain.

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Free Brain Games - Solitaire is Also Very Good
by: Anonymous

My mom has always liked to play card games, but since it's hard for her to get out, I now encourage her to play solitaire games on the computer.

Sometimes she'll play "live" on the Internet, giving her the feeling that she's playing with a group. Works for me!

Free Brain Games Social Interaction for Dad and Grandkids
by: Anonymous

I often sit my kids down with their grandfather to play brain games on the Internet. I think it's good for all of them, not only for social interaction, but in helping each other when things get difficult.

I have found that the Internet has helped me to bridge the generation gap in ways that I never imagined.

Free Brain Games - Scrabble is the One
by: Anonymous

My dad likes playing Scrabble type brain games, which I was able to find on the Internet as well. They keep his mind active and help him to maintain his language skills.

It’s low pressure, doesn't have a time limit, and is something that we can have fun doing together.

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