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Feeding my Mom is driving me crazy. When I ask my Mom what she would like, usually she tells me she hates everything unless she is on some kind of kick. Two weeks ago it was I want Italian food and Mexican food. I want pork and beans. I love ham, bacon and sausage. Buy more fruit and salad makings. I want sweet rolls, waffles, and toaster pastries for breakfast. I want mild cheddar cheese and crackers or deviled ham sandwiches for lunch.

Now this week, everything I have been eating for the last year is hurting my stomach terribly. I am going to get stomach cancer. I want plain toast and nutrition shakes for breakfast, cottage cheese and fruit for lunch and only plain chicken breast or hamburger patties and canned vegetables for dinner.

Anything with tomatoes is out, all fresh vegetables and most fresh fruit is out. Anything seasoned is out , after hearing speeches from her recently about things needing to be seasoned "properly". This is just a partial list of what she told me was killing her.

What has stayed the same is white bread, a couple of Coca Colas a day and lots of candy. I don't buy the candy, but on the rare occasion she feels up to going to the store with me, she stocks up with several bags full.

When I asked her questions to try to clarify what she did and did not want, she said "You are making too big of a deal of it. It is not that hard. Just make whatever you all are eating and give me the rice or potatoes if there isn't any seasoning other than salt or pepper."

I am trying but also know that soon she will tire of it and complain again. This has definitely upped the stress level in an already stressful situation.

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by: Anonymous

It is my mom that says she has stomach issues and changes what she can or will eat frequently. I don't have any issues myself other than wanting to bang my head on the wall frequently when leaving her room.

what to eat
by: Greenacres

Sounds to me like you are catering to her needs very well already! The complaining will never stop no matter what you do. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Just make sure you are taking care if yourself.

Caring for my mom already drove me over the edge and it's only been 1.5 years. I am not angry person, but with all the caring for her, her complaining EVERYDAY, etc.

It drove me to punch my bathroom wall. It is very embarrassing to lose it like that plus I had to fix the switches in the outlet box I destroyed! Now I am the one with the stomach issues, and mom can eat whatever I cook for my family, I just have to cook my own dinner on the side.

Is it your mom that gets the stomach aches or is it you? Well whatever, I have found that dairy is very hard to digest, red meat, or anything acidic. There are plenty of things you can eat when a person has issues, just look for the triggers that upset the stomach.

Maybe keep a food diary and you could show her what happens when she eats certain things. Manage your stress or it will be YOU with the bad stomach. I sure hope you have someone you can vent to. Best of Luck to you.

by: Anonymous

You're trying too hard. I did it too in the beginning when my mom moved in with me. Now, I don't I eat low carb (which she shouldn't do) and I put on 15 pounds this year, so things are changing around here.

I used to ask her and she would say whatever you are having is fine. And it was! If she doesn't like something I offer to make her bacon and eggs or nuke a TV dinner (I keep them on hand) and she's fine.

Really, don't stress yourself out and accept what she says that whatever is fine. I was making too big of a deal out of her eating. I plan dinner with what I can have and maybe add something for her on top of that.

I give her cookies mid morning after her peanut butter toast or a piece of fruit. Lunch is soup or sandwiches or last night's leftovers.

Really, go easy on yourself. Been there, done that. As far as food being healthy for my mom, I try. There are no 4 course meals. She doesn't eat much, so throughout the day I try to get in fruit, etc.

She likes her sweets and yes, they may not be good for her but really, at this age what difference does it make? I give her what she wants within reason. I keep lots of snacks around and she enjoys them.

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