Flight Insurance - Why Mom Should Add This to Her Ticket

Flight Insurance – Why Mom should Add this to her Ticket

The topic of traveling usually evokes feelings of excitement, planning and making sure everything is taken care of before one leaves on a trip. Whether Mom is an avid traveler or just likes to take a trip or two throughout the year to visit you or other family, flight or travel insurance is something that should be on the ‘to-do’ list before departure.

Travel insurance is common for passengers to purchase before leaving on a trip, and while passengers do not always think about the things that could go wrong, such insurance protects you in case something happens. When in doubt, it is always best to be prepared!

Flight Insurance Basics

One type of insurance Mom might want to add to her trip is flight insurance, which offers a few benefits, such as flight cancellation coverage or flight accident coverage. Whether Mom is planning a trip of a lifetime or not, flight insurance is valuable in the event of an unfortunate accident. Many 

flight insurance travel insurance

airlines do not offer refunds for purchased tickets, so flight insurance will also help Mom get her money back in the event she does not make a flight.

Flight cancellation insurance offers Mom coverage in the event she cannot get to the airport in time for her flight, whether it is in her control or not. For a nominal fee, Mom can protect herself against losing money in the event she falls ill before her flight or is unable to go through with the travel plans because she missed departure due to a traffic accident on the way to the airport.

Trip cancellation, emergency medical and evacuation, and lost baggage coverage from InsureandGo - America's top rated travel insurance.

Depending on the company in which the insurance was purchased, the insurer pays a portion of the cancellation fees or charges created by the airline. In order for Mom to purchase this type of insurance, however, she needs to be medically able to travel when she makes the insurance purchase.

Added Protection

While unpleasant to think about, another important form of flight insurance is one that protects against Accidental Death and Dismemberment, or AD&D, if it occurs on an airplane during traveling. This type of insurance protects Mom in the event she is injured while she is a passenger, whether she is riding in a plane or boarding before her trip on a commercial airline.

flight insurance travel insurance

This extra travel insurance is very affordable and is well worth it in the event that an accident happens. There are various ranges in which Mom can purchase limitations, ranging from $100,000 to $1 million dollars. If Mom loves to travel, she also has the opportunity to purchase Multi-Trip flight AD&D insurance for a small fee, which covers any flights Mom will take in a single year.

Some insurance policies will include an amount for Emergency Evacuation or Repatriation Assistance, which helps Mom get back home in the event of an accident or evacuation at any point during travel.

Though unlikely to happen, but still possible, this type of insurance does not contain terrorism coverage. When Mom is looking through the various insurance policies, there are a few words she should be familiar with before purchasing a policy.

  • Per-Trip: This insurance will only protect Mom during a singular trip, no matter where the destination is and back.
  • Annual: If Mom expects to travel frequently throughout the year, this type of insurance will offer her coverage for 12 continuous months.
  • Multi-Trip: Should Mom want to travel a few times during a calendar year, this type of insurance will cover her as needed, but each trip is not to last longer than 30 days.
Trip cancellation, emergency medical and evacuation, and lost baggage coverage from InsureandGo - America's top rated travel insurance.

When traveling, especially when leaving the country, it never hurts to be extra cautious. Always expect the unexpected and be sure to have your personal business in order should an accident take place or delay in getting back home. If Mom loves to travel, an inexpensive insurance policy is an ideal purchase to ensure peace of mind.

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