Finding Appropriate Knitting Patterns for Scarves

by Tammie
(St. Louis, MO)

Knitting Patterns for Scarves

Knitting Patterns for Scarves

I asked my sister that very question when I grew concerned that my mom had stopped knitting. I told her I’d find her some knitting patterns for scarves that she could make for Christmas gifts.

My mom has always liked knitting, but recently she's found it more difficult to follow the more complicated or involved patterns for knitting projects. Not only that, but she's had a little trouble holding the thinner needles that make smaller stitches.

I decided to take her to our local hobby shop, where I knew I had seen numerous books and magazines that contain knitting patterns for anything from scarves to hats to sweaters to afghans.

While we were there, I helped Mom look at patterns for the more "chunky" yarns and designs, which would allow her to use larger knitting needles.

When it comes to finding knitting patterns for scarves or any type of knitted craft, always take into consideration the dexterity needed to not only manipulate the knitting needles, but also the cognitive reasoning and ability to understand the instructions, especially when some of the instructions can be quite complicated and detailed, depending on the design of the scarf.

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Feb 11, 2015
Knitting Patterns for Scarves - Large Knitting Needles Help a Great Deal
by: Wanda

My grandmother got so frustrated because she thought she couldn't knit anymore. It was hard for her to grip the smaller, narrower needles.

I took her to our local craft store and showed her how large some of the knitting needles are today. We even found a magazine that had several knitting patterns for scarves. I've haven’t seen her quite so happy in a long time. Great idea!

Feb 11, 2015
Knitting Patterns for Scarves - "Chunky" Patterns Help
by: Sherry

My mom has arthritis, and though she loved to the knit, had to give it up. When I showed her a magazine I had purchased that provided a variety of more of the "chunky" knitting styles, like you mentioned, she grew interested.

She now focuses on the easy patterns for knitted scarves, using larger needles and less complicated stitches.

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