Feeling trapped

by Stacey
(Pinellas Park FL)

I have been a single,divorced Mom for 5 years and now that my youngest has graduated high school,I thought I would have freedom to possibly find a love life.

Now I have my Mom living with me who has dementia and I feel trapped and hopeless. I have such resentment and depression setting in, I don't think I will pull out of this. I can't even use the restroom without her following me. Please help

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in the same
by: mike

Same here. Gtin worse i guess now matter wat i do. Wd like to talk with you. If you want i leave my number

Love her or dump her
by: Anonymous

From the lack of information contained in your posting, I will assume that you, or your mother, are not financially well off enough to have her cared for in a good facility. So you have become her martyr caretaker.

If lack of money is the case, then there's not much you can do to save yourself, unless you have other siblings who are willing to "pitch in" and assist you in some ways, either physically or financially.

I find that usually, however, even if one has siblings that should be helping in some way, they often don't for various selfish reasons, and prefer to let the one whom they feel Mom is most comfortable around become the primary caregiver, and thus be martyred.

If you or your mother DO have the money to place her into a "home," by all means do so and don't feel guilty about it. It's not your fault, or hers, that she has Alzheimer's, so you need to face the facts and not feel guilty about doing so. There are millions who have to deal with this situation. Good luck to you.

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