Feeling Lost

by Kim
(Girard, Ohio)

My mother moved in with me a year ago. It was just too hard for her to live alone anymore. Her balance is bad and she has suffered from depression and anxiety. She can be a very bitter person at times and wants my constant attention. She gets angry with me when I try and live what life I have which is doing things for my kids, going to dinner with friends or just about anything that requires me to leave the house.

I have a brother and sister who are much older then me and ate both retired and do nothing to help me!

My sister who is married to a pastor and a christian woman only comes around 1 time a month to being her lunch and stay lives 3 minutes from me !!!! My brother doesn't come around either.

As a christian woman myself I just want to tell my sister off for being so selfish !!! I can't take much more !!! :(

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Son sorry
by: Anonymous

Wow ! I feel so badly for u and the burden u have to bare. I totally get it. U fill like u have no life so now is the time to find one. We can only do so much and in your situation has got to be very stressful. I did write to my sister.

I feel I am better with writing my feelings down better then confrontation in person or on the phone. She has apologized and says she will try and step up more.

Do u have any friends u can turn to for support ? I couldn't make it without mine ! I will pray for u that u do find that job that u want and finally make a life for yourself. If u ever need to talk I am here.

Pray for God to open doors for u and to also give u strength to over come what life is throwing at u. I say a lot to myself that being down here on this earth really sucks sometimes !!!

It is not easy for sure. I want to thank u for taking the time to reply to my post. I hope and pray u find the relief that u need. Keep in touch xoxo Kim

I understand....
by: Anonymous

I understand your situation all too well, as many do reading your post - you may or may not get many responses, but just know many understand. I should have written on here many, many times; but reading your post has reminded me that this site is a good place to vent.

I have found myself in deep depressions as anything I do goes unnoticed and/or ignored, but always minimized. I have been my mothers caretaker for almost 4 years and it seems as though I need a caretaker. I am healthy (I think), but I feel like I am dying.

My family members are having a great life - they send me pictures having a great time on their boat laughing and having a great time. I know anytime I need a family member they will be there, and there is really nothing they can do about the day to day stuff.

Me getting away does not help my situation, because I have to go back to it. I have decided to start living my life - so I am looking for a job - and my mother can be home alone. I used to care, but I do not care anymore.

If my mother did not play so many games - such as: "no, I am not drinking...." She hides her wine and wakes up with a severe hangover, but of course it is my fault. She hides across the counter sleeping medications when she has prescribed medications, so she is mixing medications... "No, I do not have Unisom...."

She blames me when she loses something, especially money, she puts me down constantly.... I cannot handle it anymore, seriously, I feel like I am dying emotionally, mentally, spiritually....

I have family out of state and a few here, they do come over from time to time, but they leave and nothing can help me, for I am faced with this from the time I wake up, until sundown.

A few hours here, a few days there from my family is of not help. I am over it, I have given up. I have to get on with my life. I probably do not sound Christian like, but believe it or not, I am a Christian - so I understand.

In your situation, you may want to write your Christian sister a letter and state your thoughts. I do not sound very loving, as I received your post at a time of great distress as my mother has just discounted me again in my sister's presence who is visiting from out state.

There is nothing I can do, but save myself, and my brother's and sister's do understand this - they have witnessed my torment from my mother. She gets a pass because she is old - and she does - but in the meantime, I have to put me first.

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