Father has Lung Cancer

by Hayley

I've been caring for my dad since I was 15. I'm now 35. I have 3 children one who is disabled he has ASD. My father I'll health has been going down hill for years from heart attacks to small stroke and diabetes and gangrene twice. I've been putting my father first and us later. My dad has two older sons of which never bothered with him. 5 years ago I made him move away to be happier in the countryside.

Best move ever but this year we found out he has lung cancer so this is were it gets bad. Now all over sudden middle son who's 50 I think, turns up wants to stay with my dad and wants to use my dad's disability car. My partner looks after it and cleans in and me and hubby takes him to all appointment. Now sons there I'm feeling angry that's his there after 20 years not doing nothing for him his finally there.

I know his only there to see what he can get out of my dad cuz there low life been in and out of prison for theft and other stuff like that. Years ago I know but still makes me angry his there.

I put my life, our life on hold for my dad. I'm youngest I'm the baby of the family my kids r young.

My brothers family are in 20s not fair when they can have fun and holidays my kids had to stay home while I had to do everything for my dad I don't know what to feel or say anymore.

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That's hard
by: Anonymous

I am a lung cancer survivor so I get what you are now dealing with on top of everything else. If it were me I would tell the other son to go back home and to leave you and your family alone - unless if course he wants to help with the heavy lifting of caring for your dad. That should shut him up - good luck. You are a good daughter.

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