Fall Crafts for My Elderly Mother

by Evonne
(San Diego, CA)

Fall brings with it a wide range of craft and activity ideas for seniors. Of course, when thinking of a craft to do with a loved one at home or in an assisted living facility or supervised scenario, it's always important to remember to cater the craft to the skills, capabilities and cognitive levels of the individuals.

The options for fall crafts offer a wide variety of beautiful colors, earth tones, and ideas, from going outside and picking up leaves, pine cones or pine needles to visiting your local craft store which will likely be awash with the rusts, golds and maroon colors of fall. Everything from pumpkin crafts to creating apple cider is on the table.

I found one of the best crafts that my mom likes to do most is quite easy, even for her severely arthritic fingers and poor eyesight. All it takes is a glass jar (you can recycle one from home or buy a Mason or Kerr type canning jar at a craft store). Take Mom or Dad outside (weather permitting) and collect leaves that have fallen, preferably those with different colors. Press them between sheets of newspaper or wax paper and let them dry for a week or two.

Using Mod Podge, have them glue the leaves to the outside of the jar. Place a small votive candle in the bottom of the jar. It's a beautiful and easy gift for just about anyone to make.

Using autumn leaves to create cardboard leaf wreaths is another fun fall craft. It's also a perfect way to get Mom or Dad outside for a short walk. Many craft that incorporate fallen autumn leaves are sure to please.

The key to choosing fall crafts if to bring the outdoors inside, giving your loved one or the ability to smell, feel, see, and enjoy nature's bounty.

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Christmas Wreath Idea
by: Anonymous

I get Mom and Dad both involved in creating a yearly fall wreath to hang on their door as well as several other friends. This wreath can be extended to be a handmade Christmas wreath with a few additions...

I purchased a medium-sized stick wreath from my local craft store and then we make a morning of going outside, collecting pine cones, leaves, pine needles, and odd shaped sticks.

The entire family gets involved helping Mom and Dad secure the items to the wreath, which provides plenty of laughs and companionship. It's become a yearly tradition!

Easy Fall Crafts
by: Ally

I like this idea and saw it a while back in a craft magazine. I found that small leaves worked better than large ones, as well as those that were fresher rather than dryer because they were easier to manipulate and glue to the outside of the jar.

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