Exhausted! My siblings and their excuses! Please give me some advice!!!

by Exhausted Daughter
(Please read)

My parents are 81 and 82. My dad had a stroke in 2009. He fell apart all at once. I'm the baby girl of the family. I was laid off of work one month before he had his stroke. My Mom was in Better health then. Now she's in bad health.

She will not go to the Doctor. I think she has dementia. My daughter was killed in auto accident in 2005. My Mom will not ride in car. My dad had stage 4 cancer of the stomach and blockage of lower intestines.

He came through the surgery. Thanks to the Dear LORD! Now I'm their sole caregiver and I'm wore out. I do all the cleaning, cooking, paying their bills. I do everything!!!

My twin moved closer to home to help! She gives the excuse they watch her and all they do is talk about me. The one who talks about me is my Mom I think it's due to the dementia. Then my other sister went through issues after marring a man she found out was gay.

She always married men that took care of her. Then she went through a breakdown. She said our dad molested her which we know isn't true. She was always gone. We all shared a room together. When she had to hire lawyer my Dad paid $15,000.

My dad is tight when it comes to money. It's due to he didn't have much growing up. I have a brother who lives a hour away. He don't
have a car. My oldest sister doesn't either. But her son does. She still want come. She would go through their stuff trying to see what they have.

My sisters said I chose this. They say if I want to live my fifties taking care of them it's my choice. I helped my twin to move down here. We gave her money to set her up in apartment. I still give money. The thing that makes me mad none of my siblings are married. I'm the only one.

Now my mama says she's prays that The Lord would take her home. She says my daddy will not even talk to her. I find out from my daddy my mama don't want my twin over there. My mom has always been a giving woman. Now she thinks everyone wants to take from them. Which they don't. I just like to have one day or just a vacation.

My sisters said they had their fun at our age. They did. I had a best friend I use to talk to about all of this she just died. She was 2 yrs. Younger than me. Now my other daughter worries about me.

My best friend that died now everybody is helping her husband and her daddy. They all tried to tell me she grieved herself to death. I know that wasn't true and they know it. She lost her mom!

Her mom was tired from taking care of everyone except my best friend! Thanks for reading!!! Any suggestions?

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Thanks for the advice!
by: Anonymous

My twin is helping more. I'm looking into see what they have for the elderly . I did that awhile back. We did the meal on wheels. My dad ate the food.

They were great people but my dad had food poisoning. Where they just left it on the van to long. But they were very thoughtful! I never told them. I appreciated everything! My mom & dad don't have that much money.

They have enough to pay their bills. The $15,000 they let my sister borrow came from my dads 401 account. Which left them with hardly anything .
Their social security is not that much due to my mom had cancer in her younger days. She couldn't work anywhere too hard! But they are blessed!

I'm going to look on line for anything else I can get help with! Thanks so Much for the Advice!!!

by: Anonymous

Tell your siblings you need some help or you'll have a nervous breakdown. I had to have help from my brother because that happened to me! Tell them if they aren't willing to help then, look into program in your area.

If their income in low (doesn't sound like it) you might qualify for some help though Agency on Aging or another program. Call your local Agency on Aging and inquire about programs.

They have people to come in and watch you parents help with cooking and cleaning. If you want the help you have to do the home work, get the phone book out and start making phone calls.

So take things into your own hands and make something happen to help yourself. You they have money hire someone to help.

Hope this helps.

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