Emergency Medical Alert Systems can Save a Life

by Carla
(Randolph, VT)

Emergency Medical Alert Systems

Emergency Medical Alert Systems

Emergency medical alert systems, whether worn as a necklace, or bracelet, or an entire home alert system is a great way to relieve the stress and worry from those with aging parents, especially when you can't be there.

Like many people, I always worried about my mom when she was home alone, especially because of my long work hours. I did some research and found a number of companies, including nationally recognized brands that provided a variety of options when it comes to these systems.

I was happy to find that the wristbands and necklaces or pendants that they offer now are waterproof, which is perfect for when Mom takes a shower (although I do request that she wait until somebody can help her).

One of the most popular emergency medical alert systems on the market today include the pendant worn around the neck or the wristband, each equipped with a help button. The wristband and pendant connects wirelessly to a base station about the size of an answering machine, but provides two-way communication to the company providing the equipment.

Don't forget to ask if responders are available 24/7 including holidays! When the button is pressed, a representative from the company will answer the call, and based on need, will send appropriate emergency responders.

Most emergency medical alert systems function on traditional phone lines and have a good range that provides a sense of security that we all want when it comes to our elderly loved ones.

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Emergency Medical Alert Systems
by: Jane P

After reading the article, I did a little bit of checking as well.

I'm actually looking at a system that is wireless capable, which is perfect for my mom, because she likes to be outside as much as possible. The pendant has a 600-foot range! Thank you for everyone's input here.

Emergency Medical Alert System that has a Temperature Sensor
by: Sara

This medical alert system is a good idea. I worry about my grandparents, because neither one is really strong enough to help the other in case of a slip or fall, especially in the kitchen or bathroom.

In addition to the normal notification I'm also looking at a model that provides a low or high temperature sensor that will alert either one of them if the house gets too warm or too cold.

I Got My Dad an Emergency Medical Alert Systems Bracelet
by: Loralee

It's taken a load off my mind to know that my dad has one of those emergency medical alert bracelets. They come in a variety of styles now so the one he has looks like a watch.

It's unobtrusive, but I know that if he slips or has any kind of an accident all he has to do is push the button and I know help will be there. The monthly cost for the service is pretty affordable. The commenter before is correct of course as to knowing how to use it.

Most of the Time
by: Anonymous

Life Alert is wonderful, allowing seniors to be alone. However, in my mother's case, it has been a waste of money each month. She has vascular dementia and does not know what the thing is for - she has been told, has been shown, a thousand times.

She has fallen numerous times and just laid there hoping someone would show up because she didn't use the bracelet. Most of the time she's hurt, but she won't try to get up.

I know it's the dementia, but it is beyond me. For those who know what it's for - it is a wonderful invention!!

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