Electric Recliner Chairs - Making Mom More Comfortable

A number of furniture accessories can help improve mom’s comfort at home. One of the most popular are electric recliner chairs. Recliner lift chairs look like traditional recliners

but come with an electric lift in the seat area that reduces the need for mom to struggle to sit down or stand up.

Electric recliner chair facts

A special lifting mechanism is situated under the seat of a recliner chair that facilitates the lifting and lowering of the chair so that mom doesn't have to worry about lower body weakness or stability when getting into or out of the chair. It's excellent for individuals with lower body weakness, knee pain, back or hip pain caused by a fracture, osteoporosis, arthritis, or for those recovering from a surgical procedure. The chairs are also excellent options for a senior who is afraid of losing her balance or has difficulty maneuvering.

Recliner lift chairs come in all types of sizes, shapes, and styles. Because they look like a traditional recliner chair, there's nothing about it that indicates weakness, old age, or inability. Fabric choices, colors, and other options will help mom not only stay very comfy while watching television, reading, or visiting with friends, but promotes a sense of security, safety, and peace of mind due to its basic function.

Electric Recliner Chairs

A remote control attached to the chair by a cord enables mom to press a button to lift the chair to its highest position. She can then back up to the chair and "sit" back and let the chair to do the work. Another button lowers the chair into a sitting or recline position. Repeat the process in reverse when mom is ready to get up and do something else. The function of the chair lift reduces the need for mom to use lower extremity muscles, balance, or coordination to get up and sit down, reducing pain, anxiety, and any difficulties with mobility.

Recline options range from two-position to infinite position and zero gravity. Two-position and three-position chairs offer traditional 45° angles to a nearly flat recline type positions or anywhere in between. An infinite position recline chair can recline from the most upright position to any angle. Zero gravity chairs enable positioning that promote improved circulation, enhanced spinal alignment and lung capacity. The reclining options of chairs are also vast, from gentle recliner to full flat recline positions, depending on the make, model, and brand of chair.

Electric recliner chairs offer a number of options

Fabric choices and colors of electric recliner chairs today are unlimited. Fabrics are available in traditional recliner fabric styles, as well as in suede, vinyl, leather, and Naugahyde, just to name a few. Mom can even choose a custom covering for the chair depending on her preference. Color options are also nearly limitless, and chairs can be custom made in a relatively short period of time. The buttons on the remote control are large and easy to use, specially designed for seniors who may have trouble with dexterity, arthritis, limited hand or finger strength, or vision issues.

Prices also depend on the number of positions, the style, and the brand of chair.  Electric recliner chairs are made by major manufacturers including La-Z-Boy, AmeriGlide, Serta, Pride, and Golden, among others. From a zero gravity to two-position chairs, prices range from $400-$1,500 or higher. Most electric recliner chairs cost under $1,000, although some can be more expensive depending on fabric styles, functions, and the number of positions available.

Seniors should be aware that it is only the lifting mechanism found in the chair that is covered by Medicare and will cover up to $500 in the lifting mechanism cost. However, you should also be aware that medical supply stores, dealers and manufacturers traditionally offer payment options and financing plans to make just about any chair affordable.

Mom will be comfortable choosing an electric recliner chair based on her body size, her height, and the type of recline positions she desires.

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