Electric Recliner Chair Helps My Mother Stay Active and in Her Home

by Dora
(Spokane, WA)

Electric Recliner Chair

Electric Recliner Chair

I never actually realized until I tried one, but electric recliner chairs are absolutely wonderful! Actually, a friend of mine bought one not long ago for her dad and I tried it out, and realized that the chair would be perfect for my mom, who often struggles with edema in her lower legs.

Diagnosed with congestive heart failure, my mom often finds it difficult to get around because of the pain the swelling causes. The electric recliner chair was a perfect way for her to really get her feet up and be comfortable at the same time.

While my friend got hers at a major local department store, I also, in comparison shopping, found that I could also order electric recliner chairs not only through my local medical supply company, but online and have it delivered.

I got Mom her electric recliner chair for Christmas and she loves it. The remote control, attached to the chair with a cord, makes it easy for her to adjust the positioning depending on how she's feeling.

She especially likes the zero-gravity function that actually raises her feet above her heart level, not only relieving swelling in her ankles, but relieving pressure from around her spine and offering comfortable and deep relaxation. I must say, it's one of the best Christmas presents I've ever bought for her, and I think she agrees with me!

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Electric Recliner Chair - Found One at the Local Furniture Store
by: Norma

I visited my local furniture store and found several electric recliner chairs that provided different mechanisms, adjustment capabilities, and positions.

I'm looking at one that goes from a 45° angle to a recliner, with a separate control for the foot rest portion. That way, my dad has limitless options when it comes to not only comfort, but easing his aches and pains.

Electric Recliner Chair
by: Loretta

After reading your article I did a little looking around and was amazed at the options in regard to style, let alone the number of positions, from 2 to 3, to those that provide a number of lifting and tilting features. The Electric Recliner Chair is providing a safer TV experience for my Dad.

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