Elderly Parents Crafts - Activities that Stimulate the Brain and Mind 

Elderly Parents Crafts - Activities that Stimulate the Brain and Mind

Regular activity is extremely beneficial to elderly parents who have beginning dementia or concentration issues. Activities helps to keep them involved in the world around them, provides them daily activity, and exercises their brain. Activities such as these are particularly helpful for elderly parents who could use a little mind or brain exercise. However, it is important to know what projects are appropriate for elderly parents in order to avoid frustration, confusion and possible safety issues.


Knitting is an excellent idea for people who have concentration issues. It helps them to maintain coordination and exercise their brain.  When you encourage an elderly parent with early dementia to knit a project such as this may have to started for them. In addition to this, it is important not focus on the end result or set a time frame for completion as frustration may increase.

The important issue is to get elderly parents engaged in activity that is fun and relaxing.


Scrapbooking is perfect for elderly parents. It helps keep their keep memory sharp, it is not hard to do and they get to see photos of familiar faces and to remember certain happy times and places.

Flower Arranging

Making flower arrangements is ideal for parents who are further along in the stages of dementia.

It doesn't require much coordination or skill and the arrangements make for cheerful decor in the person's home.

Painting can be for seniors with memory issues. Painting helps maintain coordination and color recognition. It is also ideal for any level of ability because an elderly parent can do everything from paint by numbers, to blank canvas painting.


Decoupage can be for any ability level and early stages of dementia. You can have people with dementia use paper cutouts from magazines or photos to decorate paper, canvas, wood craft cut outs, frames and more. Remember to gauge the ability of the senior to engage in elderly parents crafts to ensure maximum safety. As an example you may want to cut the pictures to be applied for the elderly parent if you feel they cannot handle scissors.

Plastic Canvas

Plastic canvas can be great for elderly parents who used to enjoy needle works. Plenty of things can be made from plastic canvas craft supplies including bookmarks, tissue box covers, and little animals. Blank plastic canvas or plastic canvas kits of varying skill levels can be purchased at any local hobby store.

Polymer Clay

This is craft idea an excellent choice for people who suffer from mild dementia along with limited dexterity. They can sculpt many forms from the clay or you can encourage them to make useful objects like bowls, vases, and frames.



It is very easy to create mosaics with seniors who have issues with memory. Craft supplies such as glue sticks, paper, pom poms, buttons, glitter, and other glue-on objects is all you really need to get started on elderly parents crafts. Place the objects in a container in the middle of the table and allow them to express their own creativity.


If a senior with dementia still has decent dexterity craft ideas making key chains, bracelets, earrings and necklaces out of beads could be the best bet. This can help with eye hand coordination and focus. You can also encourage pattern making for creativity.

Loom Weaving

Weaving crafts on small craft looms is another great craft idea for people with dementia. Weaving is a great way to maintain dexterity and focus. Plus, you can purchase small looms from local hobby shops that are hand held or fit on the lap for ease of use and comfort.

Having some elderly parents craft supplies on hand to bring out at a moment’s notice can bring joy and relaxation to seniors who would otherwise be bored or not have the social interaction with other seniors while creating objects to be proud of. Of special note is the interaction of elderly parents in a group setting paying special attention to individual needs for their safety and comfort.

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