Elderly Driving can be Dangerous

by Sheri
(Ft. Wayne, IN)

The Elderly Driving subject is beginning to be a problem with my dad. I feel the independent nature of driving and the potential of taking that away from him is stressing him out in a big way. When I bring up the subject he really goes off and dismisses the statement like I don't know what I am talking about. I am fearful as I see or read that some elderly driver has hurt or killed someone while pressing on the wrong pedal or drove through a crowd. Makes me shudder to think. I bring this subject up at least once a week and i thing I maybe making some headway as I spoke to him about the various accidents that have happened at it seemed to really take effect. So, I am talking to him without griping and hope soon he will allow me to drive him places instead.

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Take The Keys AWAY NOW!!!
by: Anonymous


I have been a caregiver for elder and adults with mental disorders for 25 years and it is Sickening how almost every time noone in their family has the guts to do what is right!

Your precious old parents are putting Me and My family and Everyone else's at Major Risk of Dying due to Your parents Inability to See, Hear, Move, React. They Don't Deserve ANY special treatment and haven't earned ANY special right to prolong their Dangerous Plague on Society.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be an Adult and take their keys AWAY and LOCK THEM UP! Not just throw them in a drawer or stick them on a shelf DUH!!!
Your parent can be Killed Too you know from allowing them to keep driving Beyond their ability.

And I feel YOU should be held Fully and Legally Responsible if Your Elderly Parent Kills someone. I don't know Why Every State doesn't check these old peoples skills Every Year after 60 years old! TAKE THE KEYS NOW when you have ANY
Question in your mind if they should continue driving or not.

YOU KNOW what the answer is and your parents DON'T get preferential treatment because their OLD!! DO WHATS RIGHT FOR SOCIETY! There are Plenty of Options to get them around.

Elderly Driving
by: k.Humble

Ah Yes, elderly driving as we share the road with elders it is clear to see that some them do not need to be driving, however they must be told because, no matter how alert they are does not mean that their reaction times are what they used to be.

And the elder drivers do not want to be told that they need to give up their keys, so get prepped for blaming no longer driving on the "other guy" Elders gotta be scared in order for them to even pay attention, so I am using fear tactics.
Good Luck and God Bless

Disable the Car
by: Bette

Hide the car keys, or file them down so they don't fit the ignition. Remove the distributor cap.

Disconnect a spark plug or two. Ask the DMV to contact her for a road test (you can do this anonymously in many states). Or just have the car towed away.

A person who cannot or will not be reasoned with has no right to take to the roads behind the wheel of a massive rolling weapon.

My Story
by: Anonymous

My dad hid his heart attack symptoms from his doctor to keep his drivers' license. He told my mom not to say anything so the doctor can sign the medical certification for the driver's license. 10 days later, he collapsed and died of a heart arrest that could have been prevented if he would seek medical help, but he would not to keep his license. I miss him dearly and I cry every day.

We are past Communicating with our Elderly Parent
by: Anonymous

Oh, my. I wish I could take that approach. My 84 yr old mother has very limited hearing, impaired cognitive functions, significant memory problems, medication side effects including muscle aches and light headedness....all of which she says are not the case when she gets behind the wheel. She too, becomes angry when the subject comes up. It is all so cliche. I am heading back this week for my third trip to her state (she lives alone, too), to try to address the driving issue. I think we are just waiting to get the call about the accident. What is wrong with us?!

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