Senior Driver Car Insurance Guide

Ensure your parents get the best and most affordable senior driver car

insurance as they age and learn to recognize the signs that they are no longer able to safely operate a vehicle.

Many people, including seniors themselves, don't realize that drivers over the age of 75 are among the highest group involved in daytime traffic accidents.

Accidents involving seniors over 75 cause more injuries and deaths than any other age group. How do you know if you're a safe driver? What signs do you look for in mom or dad that may indicate a decline in driving skills? On the other end of the spectrum, can safe, mature drivers receive better rates on senior driver car insurance?

What to look for with Elderly Drivers

Sure, elderly drivers have decades of driving experience and more often than not are aware of road safety and speed, but they may also suffer from slower reaction times and skills. When it comes to driving, seniors, or children of the elderly must be aware of certain signs that driving skills are decreasing. This is not the time to be too proud to admit that age may be catching up with you. Your safety and the safety of your family as well as others on the highway are very important considerations.

Basic signs or aging factors that may affect the driving ability of individuals over 65, but especially focus on those elderly drivers over 70 years of age include:

  • Increased reaction time - studies have shown that seniors can do anything a younger person can, but that the response time performing such actions or activities slows down. The same thing goes for driving.
Elderly Drivers Insurance Man on Phone in Car
  • Limited mobility - flexibility also decreases as we age. Full range of motion as well as immediate reaction times is essential for road safety.

Arthritis, spine or bone injuries, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes are just a few of the medical conditions that may cause loss of full range of motion.

  • Medications - most individuals are cautioned against driving when under the influence of medication. As size, weight and condition will determine whether or not an individual is affected by medications, discuss concerns with your family care provider. A good rule of thumb is not to drive when under any type of medication.
  • Hearing and vision loss - any type of vision acuity or hearing loss may affect road safety, not only yours, but those around you. Many seniors quit driving at night, but should also remember that sensitivity to sunlight and glare effect every driver, and not just seniors.

However, changes in vision depth, peripheral vision and conditions such as astigmatism, glaucoma or cataracts may also affect the senior person's ability to see both nearby and distant objects adequately.

When the time is right, discuss driving safety with your elderly parents. Loss of independence is often very difficult for seniors to accept, but it's important to stress the safety not only of them, but others and their property. Whenever possible, suggest alternatives or solutions to transportation issues, such as car pools, buses, shuttles, senior service transportation or taxi services.

Elderly Drivers Insurance Woman in Car

Senior Driver Car Insurance Rates

Many states throughout the country, offer automobile insurance discounts to seniors who engage in senior safety driving programs. In addition, AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) members may receive discounts on automobile insurance services and products depending on geographical location.

The national average of car insurance rates is approximately $800.00. Drivers in California, New York, and Washington DC may pay over $1000 year, while individuals living in Kansas, North Dakota, and Nebraska may pay an average of $500 year. Auto insurance rates are determined by geographical location, type of car driven, age of the driver, prior accidents, and distance driven on a daily and yearly basis, so check with local senior driver car insurance providers as well as through organizations such as the AAA Website and AARP Website for more information regarding cost of auto insurance in a specific area.

Negotiating for a Better Rate Most insurance companies offer discounts of between five and 10% on insurance to individuals between the age of 50 and 55, though insurance rates often increase after the 55-year-old mark.

Are Mom and Dad still Driving? How will you broach the subject of taking the keys away? Read what others are saying and leave your thoughts.

As an example a senior driver may take defensive driving courses to reduce insurance costs by up to another 10%. Such driving courses generally cost between $10 and $30 for an eight hour, two-day course.

A few simple tactics to negotiate a better senior driver car insurance rate include:

  • Speak to your insurance agent
  • Offer to combine home and auto insurance with the same company
  • Let the auto insurance agent know if you carpool or your daily or yearly driving distance has decrease.

A senior driver needs to be especially careful getting behind the wheel of a car. Remember, where there's a will, there's a way.

Don't endanger yourself or others, but work with other family members to develop a safe mode of transportation no matter where you live.

Senior Insurance

Are Your Parents Still Driving?

Are your elderly parents still driving and is that becoming a concern? How are you planning to broach the subject of taking the keys from Dad or Mom?

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