Elder Care - Sister Taking Advantage of Mom.

by Betty

My situation is different, but I don't know whom to turn to. I have 2 older sisters. My mom has recently been put into a Nursing home. Our father died this past July, my mom truly misses him fiercely and has just resigned to just existing and not living.

Anyway, back in August, my oldest sister helped my mom with paperwork that needed to be filled out. Fast forward....I then had my mom stay with me for a month, went through the financial paperwork and noticed that on all the financial paperwork, my sister put herself as sole beneficiary. I asked my mom and showed her all of this. She said that Anita would come up to me and say sign this mom, it needs to be done. Now, being my mom is of the older generation and you should be able to trust your own daughter, she said I just signed when she told me to. My dad left my mom quite comfortable. Thank God. But since Anita put herself as sole beneficiary, she is trying to HIDE the MONEY and have my mom taken care of by the State. Very criminal if I am not mistaken.

My question is, where can I go for advice and I have no money for lawyers. Please help me out. Thank you in advance, concerned daughter

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Elder Care - Younger Sister and Brother in Law
by: Anonymous

My younger sister and her husband have all of a sudden come out of hiding to hustle my parents nest egg. They have gone so far as to lie to my parents that my older brother has stolen from them and should be removed as executor of their trust. And guess who they think will do a better job. You guessed it..... Her. She has now had my brother removed as executor and replaced by herself and removed myself and my brother from our parents will. My parents are older and unfortunately trust my sister !? She has taken them out of their home put one of her daughters family in my folks home. And put my parents in a home that is less than desirable. She refuses to answer my or my brother's calls and correspondence and will not tell us where my mother is located. My dad died last July. I have called law enforcement in CA and be told that they can do nothing to help me locate my mother and that my sister is doing nothing against the law by with holding my mom's where abouts. I feel like I'm busting my head against a wall. Is there anything that I can do legally to force my sister to release my mom's location and health?

Elder Care - suggestion
by: Anonymous

There are lawyers that will give you a free consultation. If your mom has medicaid she is entitled to legal aide and they might help you too. In NYC there are agencies that I use that help me including my local Congressman. He is great and has helped me when the agency that owns the home care where the aides are from tried to switch her to long term care. If she is in a nursing home most likely your mom has medicaid.

If your sister has power of attorney you need and is her healthy proxy you need to get your own representation. You need to check all of her insurance policies and see if your sister is the sole beneficiary. There are elder care lawyers that can probably help you answer those questions. You can might even be able to see if you can contest it. I would try and get a consultation. If you belong to a union from work they might have legal services or social services to help you. I use legal aide since my mom does have medicaid and my local congressman who does help me get the answers I need. If you live in NYC I can put you in touch with other agencies.

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