Elder Care Services - Options to Consider

Elder Care Services – Options to Consider

Caring for an elderly parent involves careful planning, time management, compassion and patience. In most cases, primary caregivers need help from other family members, friends or

community services to provide a parent with activities, socialization, and personal needs.

Elder Care Services may include but are not limited to:

  • Visitation services
  • In Home Care Services
  • Transportation services
  • Adult day care - (out of home daycare)
  • Full time care

When researching options for elder care services in any community, caregivers can access a multitude of sources for information, including the elderly parent's primary care provider, the local Chamber Of Commerce, the County Health And Human Services Department, church leaders and of course, the internet or the local Yellow Pages.

Finding Community Services

Elder Care Services

Finding an adequate balance of affordable elder care services and support will take a bit of time. Various communities offer options, but it's up to the caregiver to find them. One of the easiest ways to find a starting point is to ask other people who may already be caring for an elderly relative or to get on the phone and call the local Chamber Of Commerce or County Health Department.

While they may not be able to answer specific questions, they may be able to point you in the right direction.

Before seeking specific services, make a list of your parent's needs:

  • Does your mom need help dressing?
  • Does she need someone to shop and cook for her?
  • Would she benefit from a meal delivery program?
  • Does she need transportation to and from her doctor's office?
  • Does she require at-home nursing care?
  • Would she benefit from one to several days at an adult day care program?
  • Does she suffer from cognitive disabilities?
  • Does she need special training or therapy?
  • Does she have cognitive issues such as dementia or various stages of Alzheimer's that require more specialized care?

Many seniors don't require constant care, but may benefit from the services of home health aides that come in for an hour or two on a daily basis, or just once a week. Contact local Home Health Care agencies or a local Senior Center to speak to a caseworker who may help you narrow down needs, schedules, and financial considerations.

Depending on the size of your community, adult day care services may be small and personal while others may offer everything from basic medical care to specialized supervision. In most cases, adult day care services are not covered by insurance, but many are free, subsidized, or funded by local churches and sponsors.

Adult day care services may range from $50.00 to $150 a day and various services may be covered by Medicaid in some states.Meal programs may offer group or community dining at a senior center or meals delivered directly to a home. Some of the services are free, while others charge minimal fees for the service.

elder care services

The same goes for transportation services. Rides to day care, shopping malls, doctors’ appointments, and senior centers are often offered through local senior services resources for minimal charges, while some may even be offered for free.

Visitation services, often called companions, may help keep your elderly parent company during those times you can't be with her.

In many cases, companions may help with minor household chores, and some may be hired privately or through Senior Services Centers that offer such companionship on a scheduled basis.

Companions don't generally perform serious housework or cooking chores, but may help an elderly individual get dressed, help that person ambulate from indoors to outdoors, and serve light meals, among other services. Many children of elderly parents hire companions much as he or she would hire a babysitter, but referrals are always encouraged and recommended.

Whenever possible, try to find other individuals in your neighborhood or community that are experiencing similar circumstances. Such individuals may be found

at church, at work, or through word of mouth.

Classified ads placed in local newspapers, ads posted in Senior Centers or Community Centers or churches may also provide a number of suggestions, help, and outlets for Elder Care Services in your community

Financing Elder Care Services

When engaging in Elder Care Services research, don't forget to contact the following organizations for more information regarding services and how to make financial arrangements for such care:

The Veterans Administration

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

National Council on Aging

National Adult Day Services Organization

Family Caregiver Alliance

Such resources will be able to offer information regarding the types of services offered by each, costs, and accessibility to specific services in given areas. Take the time to research online, make telephone calls, and discuss options with individuals in your community to find the best solution for the needs of your parent - now and in the future.

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Meal Delivery

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