Dying process at 91 years old -M/L for last 32 years

by Neil
(Costa Mesa, CA)

-Family Structure is not great in US

When you bring your child to this earth and take care for first 15-29 years of your children and at the end you need their help; ask for and teach or train them.

Do not wait until it’s to sour and do not care
Out of US; only your close family take care and pass your wealth to them if any
In US; when I discuss this issue people do not care or mean.

I have my M/L with me for last 32 years and she loves to stay with S/L
System and society needs reform

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by: Anonymous

Reform? That will never happen. Sorry, but Care of elder parents requires EACH AND EVERY family member to contribute EQUALLY, share the burden EQUALLY.

I mean real equality in responsibility, not just stick it on one person to manage all. This would be ideal, but it never happens that way. Siblings/family say they will help but don’t, then the lone caregiver person ends up with all the responsibilities.

Then the caregiver comes to the realization that he/she only exists to be the slave or service dog for for all of them. This is a likely contributor to the suicide epidemic in the US. And who can blame them?

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