Drama Demon

by Mary

If I were to tell all of the crazy irrational things my sister has done to family members, it actually would read like a bad novel or at least a soap opera script.

Bringing a gun to the house and waving it around at me because she said I was lying about being sick. I was 18 then.

All within these few years she accused my father of attempting to molest her when she was age 30.

Accused son of molesting his sister, had him sent to boys ranch, deemed pedophile. Accused Daughter of being perverted for putting her 8 year old brother on her lap to snuggle, she'd come to visit, and daughter felt she had actually raised this little brother. Just happy to see him and snuggle. Accused church members of making passes at her, had long drawn out investigations. Nothing proven.

Obsessed over religious correctness, changed religions from Catholic, Baptist, Jehovah witness, Church of Christ, "little house on the prairie something like Amish but didn't like the commune" now Sedevacantist Catholic because Roman Catholic has all the pedophiles and is way too liberal.

The rest of the family's Roman Catholic but she got too close to being in the normal stream. Except my mom, she had talked her into changing religions with her more than once.

Just giving you a picture, in between all these years, she begged my mother to leave my father because dad is a molester of her! (never happened) mom got so mad she didn't talk to my sister for a year. Finally things had a way of settling down, sister moved out of state, calls every
night, hurts, or needs money, etc., etc.

They have gotten so old 91/ my sister is 63, they have invited her to come help them do groceries, cook, clean, live with them. My dad said he needs my emotional support on this decision he's made. If it works, fine... But if it doesn't, she will already moved in. She will preach to them daily about religious differences, and make them nuts! I see it coming!

I would be very glad if they can all get along, but a rattlesnake bites, you know, and when she bites, it's gonna hurt. How do they expect for things to go smoothly when for one thing she is a hoarder and they can't even convince her not to bring all her junk.

I offered to move them with me 6 hours from their home but they want to keep their same doctors. I asked if I could help them research for VA nurses to do daily visits, anything but they say I am worrying UNNECESSARILY. All I need to know and they will not answer is if things don't work out, will they reclaim their home and go to plan B or just live their last few years in turmoil/ with a drama demon..... They will not answer me.

And I hate family secrets, she insists that her eldest daughter NOT be informed yet that she is moving. (same town) why would anyone do that. It's also too late, Id already informed her.

I guess I just need to be here for my parents when things implode!

So much more to say.... Til next time......thanking God for this site

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