Don't Understand Sister's Behavior

by Greenacres

My sister sold Mom's Florida house and completely took over, and when she brought her up here she is lost and hates it here. Everything is so far away. When Mom first came up here she ended up in the hospital at least three times due to panic attacks. So I moved her in my home for almost 2 years.

She was happy as I'd ever seen her up here so when she got stronger we thought she was ready to live in her own house. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't butterflies and roses around here. EVERYTHING was so over dramatized. My sister hasn't spoken to me and won't answer my calls and I don't know why.

Now Mom is living 2 minutes away (I live an hour away) on the same street, and sister has taken over again. I thought we were all supposed to communicate so there is always someone looking after her. Mom eats TV dinners and is only allowed to visit sisters house on the weekends! She won't drive anymore @ 77 years and I am a homebody.

My mom and and me get on very well and she wants to move back in over here to my house. My sister actually told her if she came to my house for Christmas and a couple of weeks she would call DHS (not sure what it is, but we definitely don't need it here. I think my house is beautiful. She even has her own room!

That would mean we'd have someone either take mom away or bring unneeded stress. I don't want strangers in my home. Why is sister trying to cut me out of mom's life? Those people she threatened to call, they could take mom away on their own judgement.

I never knew my sister hated me so. I have always been there for her. Dad said before he died for mom to stay in FL and watch out for her money, but now younger greedy narcissistic sister has her POA and mom is scared to death of her.

Dad even said how much she has changed and her going to college went to her head. He would be appalled at the way EVERYONE is acting. What should I do? The more I try to reach out to her it makes me look crazy. I don't know why I can't let this go. She thinks she is better than everyone. Even you, if you're reading this!

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