Dont no what's best

by Alissa H.

My mom has been disabled since I was in grade school she has mental problems she lost a son at 2 before I was born her mom had committed suicide and my mom went through etc treatments. She also has diabetes and fibromyalgia. she is wonderful and very helpful and mental strong now but physical hurts.

my dad was also the rock of the family financially physically and the most supportive man I no always kept to himself never saw him cry very supportive of my mom until this year they found a tumor on the center of his brain he underwent surgery but suffered a massive stroke that has now left him paralyzed and still not mentally there.

my parents are only 59 and my dad is currently at home with my mom and I'm running in and out every day and my moms drained mentally and physically as well as myself it would brake my heart to see my dad go to a nursing home considering I no how things go there but I feel guilty because I dont no if us as a family could possibly handle this long term.

I'm giving it my all till I cant no more just terrified for the outcome my father doesn't deserve this and it hard to see him not as his normal amazing self I'm only 27 and I never thought I'd be a caregiver for my parents now

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Father’s stroke
by: Anonymous

You can’t and shouldn’t do this. You will destroy your life. He could live for decades. My nephew had a car accident at 19 and except for moving one hand, he can’t do anything else.

He is 54 now and except for two years in rehab he has been in a nursing home for 33 years. He really has had good care.

My sister goes to visit him two or more times a week so she alerts them to any medical problem he might have but for a nursing home, it isn’t bad. .

Can your mom drive because she can do the same.

She could go everyday if she wanted to like my cousin did for her parents that were both in a nursing home. She would go feed them lunch and another sibling would feed them dinner since they were incapable of doing it themselves.

At least your mother wouldn’t have the 24 hour a day care. That is too much on you and your mother.
Now, your dad is probably on social so they will pay for someone to come in 15 hours a week. Was your father in the service because they offer a lot more help?

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