Don't Know What to Do

by Tomekia
(Montgomery, AL)

I'm a single parent who goes to school as well a work and also takes care of my father who has Parkinson's disease. Out of five siblings I'm the only one who helps my father due to he was a dead beat and abusive to my mother and his kids.

I try my best to help by paying his bills for him, doctor visits and cooking or making sure if I didn't cook there was microwave food so it can be convenient for him, I even bought him an alarm medicine clock and organized the pills.

But my father is so stubborn he will not take his medicine right, he only wants to take it when he gets sick but when he gets sick I have to feed, bathe and put the pill in his mouth. It is like he wants me to wait on him hand and foot.

I bought him a hearing aid device so he can watch TV without turning the the TV up sky high at night when people are sleeping but he won't use it but insists on having the TV up sky high making it difficult for us to go to sleep.

I brought him depends but he will not wear them he rather urinate on him self all day long messing up my house and his clothes. I try to enroll him in elderly daycare but he refuses to go.

As well as I try to get him to go do activities with the family but he rather stay in the house.

He wakes me up all through the night and when I am studying is when he irritates me the most. He calls me every hour to do something for him. I ask him to ask the kids sometimes but he will not.

I am trying not to neglect him but he insists on not helping me by taking his medicine. My kids catch him doing for him self when I'm not around but when I get home he calls me for help. He will not get a free wheel chair but yet I find him running to my wall for support.

He sleeps sometimes with his leg elevated to the floor then complain about his feet being swollen.

I can only do so much but my father is stressing me but he always pleading me to never desert him.

I tell him he have to help me take care of him but he refuse. Example: my daughter told me that she went in his room because she heard his medicine alarm go off which was laying beside him and asked him to take his pill he responded that he will take it later and turn the alarm off. What shall I do?

He only gets 800.00 a month in disability can that pay for a nursing home in Alabama . I can't sleep at night and I'm stressed.

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