Dealing with Elderly Parent and Making a Life

by Rose

Dealing with an Elderly Parent and attempting to have a life is more difficult than I imagined even a few years ago.

Now that my Dad is in his eighties and is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's (at least that is my diagnosis) more and more of my time is now going over to his side of the ledger and less and less is on my side.

A good thing is we moved him close by a number of years ago and he seems to have acclimated himself to the region (we are originally from up north) he is starting to be forgetful and get semi-lost when driving (yes, he still does). I am now taking more of the cleaning and errand running and cooking more than ever and it is really starting to wear me out.

I read in an article the other day about elder care givers living longer....really? It does not seem to me to be a stress free thing to do! The day is coming soon that I am going to have to take the car keys away, then the time for me really will go away.

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Your Post Here is What I am Going Through
by: Barbara

Reading your post about your elderly father really resonates with my situation.

We (my husband and I) moved his mother closer by as traveling to see and help her took way too much time and effort to achieve very little once we thought about it.

She is now several blocks away but she is really not wanting to give up here car and is getting lost more and more. We are scared that she will get lost and not be able to recover in a short time and we will have to call the police to find her.

Her forgetfulness is getting to be a problem and although she is living alone we are there in the morning and evening to cook, clean, and then run errands for her when we is all getting to be too much...caregivers living longer? not with this stress and extra responsibility...don't know where they have come up with that study but does not seem correct...

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