Daily Activities

When possible my elderly person likes to look at old pictures......play the guessing game (use a lunch sack and put any small objects inside, when you have 10 let your elderly person close their eyes and you hand them an item and guess what it is simply by touch.) Get a photo album and let you elderly person put any cards they receive in the album. (nice pictures and they can see where they came from at a glance.)

Let the elderly person help in any small way with cooking. My elderly person helped me crack and goody pecans. I know it sounds morbid but my mom use to like to go to the grave yard and simply read the stones.

Take your elderly person on walks....(use a wheelchair and take them to walk parks or even dog walk parks as they love the animals). Most of all listen and talk to them. They know more than we might first think.

Ask questions and tell them about your day, your family and friends, things that have happened to you. The elderly are wonderful people you can count on most to be very helpful and kind.

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