Crochet and Knitting Ideas for Seniors

by Wanda
(Westminster, MD)

Crochet and Knitting Ideas

Crochet and Knitting Ideas

It seems like every senior that I've ever met knows how to either crochet or knit. My mom always enjoyed crocheting and knitting, and I can't remember how many years we used to sit and watch TV or listen to the radio while she made Afghans, sweaters, socks, and a variety of other yarn products.

Unfortunately, knitting and crocheting can become extremely difficult for seniors diagnosed with neuromuscular conditions like Parkinson's, or those affected with cognitive decline associated with any form of dementia.

While men don't tend to knit or crochet, some do. Back in the day when my grandfather was in a sanitarium recovering from tuberculosis, he learned how to tat, and some of his doilies are still treasured by the family.

However, it's mostly women who like to crochet and knit, so finding crochet and knitting ideas for seniors can be a bit of a challenge, especially those limited by cognitive declines or dexterity in their fingers and hands.

However, I found that by utilizing larger needles and more chunky brands of yarn, as well as reducing the size of the knitting or craft projects, many seniors can still enjoy these favorite of handcrafts.

Keep the patterns simple, using a single or double-crochet stitch. Suggest making smaller projects like potholders, scarves, or even small lap blankets. The same goes for knitting.

Keep this stitches simple, sticking to either a knit or purl stitch, with the same number of stitches in each row. The movements are good exercise for the fingers and wrists, as long as the movements do not become painful. Magnifying stands could also be used for those with vision problems.

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Dec 20, 2014
Small Project with Afghan Squares
by: Brenda

While an entire afghan was too big of a project for my elderly mother to tackle, I told her to just make the squares.

Once the squares were completed, I constructed the afghan. The look of satisfaction and joy on my mother's face when she saw the finished product was amazing.

Now she wants to make one for every member of the family!

Dec 20, 2014
Knitting can be a Social Time
by: Cheryl

You could have knocked me over a feather when I visited my elderly father in a nursing home one day and found him learning how to crochet with a group of ladies.

Not only was he quite good at it, but he enjoyed the female company - go figure!

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