Crafts for the Elderly During the Holidays

by Debra
(Akron, OH)

Elderly Crafts for the Holiday

Elderly Crafts for the Holiday

The holidays are coming up soon and are a joyous time for everyone and including Mom in on the festivities is a great way to bond as a family.

Arts and easy crafts are not only fun to put together and hang around the house, but easy activities for the elderly help Mom still feel useful and provide a sense of accomplishment when she creates something on her own. From my perspective, crafts allow everyone to put their creativity to good use.

Christmas is one holiday where endless craft ideas accommodate any limitations your parents may have. Crafts are fun to do as a family, but they also give Mother a chance to craft alone if she wishes, to relax or unwind after a long day.

My Mother is still living at home, and I try to provide her with supplies to create holiday wreaths allowing her to be creative and add to the décor of the home for the holidays. One way I do this is to use natural resources for a wreath. I take Mom out for a short walk to collect leaves and pinecones and then we glue them to a pre-made wreath that we buy from the craft store.

Taking Mom to the local craft store to pick out décor is a great way to give her a chance to get out of the house and use her creativity to assemble a wreath. Makes the day go by as well….

Crafts can generally be tailored to the needs of my Mother. You can also bring your children over to spend time with Grandma and provide something as simple as Christmas-themed coloring sheets and crayons. Coloring pages is fun for any age and allows Mom to still show off her creative streak as well.

Check out your local community for retail stores that allow you to purchase any type of ceramic pottery and then paint for a small fee. Mother can paint a piece of pottery, whether it is a Christmas tree decoration or serving platter and hand it out as a gift for the holidays.

One way to get anyone in the Christmas spirit is to make ornaments for the tree using a variety of materials. In the past, we purchased glass balls from the craft store and then Mom painted each one to create a unique custom set. Christmas ornaments can even be something as simple as pinecones or acorns found around the neighborhood and spray painted, then topped with ribbon.

Crafts aren’t simply about keeping Mom busy, but rather helps her still feel like she can participate in fun, festive occasions. Believe it or not, my mother still feels a sense of pride when she completes a holiday craft and shows it off to friends or family.

Aside from encouraging her to be creative, crafts allow her to work with her hands, think out what she might want to create and then feel excited once the project is completed.

Look for a variety of Christmas and holiday easy craft ideas online, or borrow a book on Christmas crafting from your local library. Online web sites allow for printing a variety of elderly activities, elderly crafts and easy craft ideas.

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