Considering a Walk-In Shower Tub?

by Brenda
(Ft. Wayne, IN)

Like many children of elderly parents, I often worry about mom or dad slipping and falling in the bathtub. Actually, the bathroom is one of the leading locations of accidents, slips, and falls for seniors.

I’ve seen the commercials on TV and really wondered if the walk-in shower tub is the solution. What about cost? Would they need special permits to have one installed in their house? Are financing options available?

I explored information on the Internet, but also went to our local medical supply store to find out more.

I found a number of major manufacturers and brands for walk-in shower tub options, designs, shapes, and features. I was looking for a tub and shower combination, which basically functioned as a seated bathtub with adjustable hand-held shower accessories.

The best part is that you don't have to climb into or out of them. Doors in the side offer easy entry and exit and lock in place before water will flow or until all the water has been drained. The seated bench inside provides safety and stability.

Options include left or right handed door openings, corner or back-to-wall options, low level entries, and slip resistant and contoured seats and backrests. The doors lock securely, providing leak-free design. Some even come with hydro jets to promote circulation, and to ease joint aches and pains.

Cost depends on brand, manufacturer, and amenities. Tubs range from $2500 or less to over $10,000 depending on the brand, style, and functions.

Financing is available through most dealers, offering affordable monthly payment options based on budget. Some private health insurance carriers may help cover costs, but Medicare, Medicaid, and VA benefits may not, as they don't consider walk-in tubs as a durable medical equipment.

Even though they might not need one right now, it's nice to know that a walk-in shower tub is an option for my parents when the time comes, and that it is affordable.

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Getting Clean Imposible Now
by: Jessie

I have had cerebral palsy since birth doctors told my parents I would never walk. I wouldn't except that. Sorry I forgot to tell you I was also pigeon toed( feet pointed in completely turned inward toe to toe facing each other )so I and my adopted parents decided surgeries.

Now during these surgeries they discovered my muscles didn't grow ( lengthen )as I grew so now I had to have 3 of the 14 surgeries I had to have my muscles cut and lengthened every 2 years.

The doctors said the walking would only be temporary and now I'm 2 months from turning 52 years old and I am now wheelchair bound and I can't get in my tub and I can't stand to shower.

I have Medicaid and Medicare part A,B,C,and D my checks total 720.00 dollars a month with no housing help I split the rent with someone buying the house.I hope you understand my need for help PLEASE !!! Jessie

Walk In Shower Tub - Looking to Purchase Shortly
by: Anonymous

I've been eyeing those commercials on TV and wondered if I should follow up.

I'm elderly, and like many my age, am concerned about my ability and strength to climb into and out of my bathtub/shower. Even with grab bars installed, I worry about a slip.

Thank you for your comments. The next time I see one of those commercials, I'll be ready to call.

Walk In Shower Tub - After Elderly Fall We Took Action
by: Jo Anne

After one fall in the shower, my elderly mother was terrified of bathing, and her hygiene suffered. My siblings and I got together and decided to order a walk-in shower tub.

It was installed by professionals, and we’re making monthly payments. Mom absolutely loves it, it's affordable, and provides all of us, and most importantly, my mother, with a greater sense of security and peace of mind.

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