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So glad I ran across this. I thought I was the only one. I raised 2 daughters alone, worked my butt off day and night to make sure they had everything I never did growing up. I may have been a little overprotective, but I had my reasons.

I wasn’t the perfect mother, although I tried hard to be. I made it to school functions. Had both girls in Dancing and competitions. @17 1/2 years old my oldest child devastated me when she had my ex bring me to court to go live with him.

Tore my world apart. Especially knowing that he was never there for her. He actually was living in Brazil at time while his wife lived 45 minutes from me. So once judge informed me that she was of age to say where she wanted to be, her dad soon left for Brazil again where my daughter stayed with her step mom.

The step mom was really good with her, but I was so hurt. The doctor put me on depression medication when I became severely depressed over this. I knew why my daughter wanted to leave, it was to party, have sex with whoever, do drugs. And I wouldn’t allow her to attend house party’s where there was alcohol.

I was molested as a child and was always so protective over my children to be sure that never happened. My daughter is now 27 married with 2 kids. I recently found out that after she moved in with her dad(stepmom) that she did drugs, went to lots of party’s.

At one of the House party’s she went with a boyfriend and apparently got so drunk that she woke up to a different guy on top her. And that she was raped. I was so furious but, tells me I can’t tell her husband or anyone else.

Well, Apparently others already knew about this because when I talked to her step mom she was already informed about this. But, nothing was ever done. She asked me to drop it so I did.

A year ago my son in law
called me crying that my daughter was cheating on him. I was extremely shocked because this guy is so good to her. She was so pissed at him for coming to me about this affair. Which I have no clue why, Ive never done her wrong ever. She’s my kid and I love her dearly, but I always knew in my heart she’d treat me exactly as her dad does to his mom.

I was always terrified of that, and it’s happening. She’s a very selfish woman, only thinks about herself. And I told her husband that and I’ve told her that to her face. They end up staying together where again she became pregnant like a month after the affair came out.

After baby was born she had yet another affair I’m gonna assume with same guy but she didn’t let her husband talk to me about that nor did she bring it up. I figured it out yet once again she had her phone number changed when baby was only 3 months old.

Neither one never came out and said she had another affair, I just told both of them good luck once again working it out. And they both just said thank you I love you. Does she push me away because I know her better than anyone? Was she really raped because that I don’t believe?

I think she got caught up with a guy at a party had sex got caught and said rape. Because anyone that was raped wouldn’t wanna go out every night of the week to look for sex from multiple men, I’m sorry but I know woman that were really raped and that’s not how they act.

She’s married still having affairs. Her friends mean more to her than any family member. He best friend now just had "7" DNA test done to find out father of her child. Ended up being last guy, one night stand! That’s what she still til this day chooses over her family. That’s the one who brought my daughter to another state to have an affair. Thanks for listening

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