Comic Relief for Caregivers

by Crazy Issues

Have you observed some pretty absurd situations? I was wondering if people would like to share their comic moments.

I think it would help give us a perspective.

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Eating Issues
by: Anonymous

My mother is midway thru vascular dementia and can be difficult. Eating has become a huge issue - she has no appetite, and she is trying to starve herself.

Anyway, at lunch one day she was griping about the meal and not wanting to eat and drink. So, I told her that the doctor will make her drink Ensure again if she doesn't start eating better.

Well, she thought about that for a minute and said" I would rather eat than drink that sh**"! I nearly died! There is some humor - not everyday, but occasionally.

Today, Mom was being discharged from the home physical therapist(hospital aftercare.) Mom is very weak and very unsteady and can hardly walk.

Mom asked if she had to walk for the PT. "Yes, let's walk". So Mom walks to the bedroom and back and says, "See, I don't have any trouble walking at all". The PT looked at me with a grin and I just nodded....... That was a funny, but sad moment.

Catheter Problems End With A "Bang"
by: Anonymous

Several months ago, my grandfather who suffers from advanced dementia (does not know where he is or who we are) began pulling his catheter out, which had to hurt since the 2" bulb at the end had not been deflated.

So, even though I am a minister, I am ALSO an RN, I told mom and dad that I would put a new one back in. After a few seconds, it was inserted and the bulb inflated to hold it in.

Within 15 minutes, he had pulled it out again...bulb still, I deflated the bulb, reinserted it and inflated the bulb again. Again, in 15 minutes, he had pulled it out again.

By THIS time, he had to be hurting and was beginning to be somewhat agitated, so I called for a few family members in the living room to come and hold his hands and legs while I inserted his catheter again.

Once the three of them got his hands and legs held down, I reached and "took a hold" and was about to insert the catheter when all of a sudden, granddad said "HEY, wait, wait, wait..." we stopped, and he continued "just what kind of whore-house are ya'll running here anyway?" OMG, I thought I was going to need the hospital myself because I was laughing so hard.

It was granddad's request that I, the only minister in the family, officiate at his funeral, and YEP, you KNOW that I simply HAD to use the story at his graveside service.... every time our family gets together, that's how we greet each other with "Hey, aren't you the ONE who runs that little whorehouse over there?"

Funny, but Not
by: Anonymous

Recently at an eye Doctor appointment, my mom needed new lenses for her glasses.

I provide about 30% of her financial resources and had accompanied her to the appointment, so I paid for the lenses. After a few days, the eye doctor called to schedule a time to bring in her glasses to switch the lenses.

I told her about the appointment and she says "how are they going to replace the lenses when my glasses frame is cracked?" "When did this happen?" I asked. "Two months ago" Mom replied. HELLO!! Why was this not mentioned AT the eye doctor?? Good grief. I had to laugh and laugh.

Bonus Laugh: After order the frames (and giving my credit card for payment) my mom asked me to buy her 4 new blouses. HA,HA,HA.

My Mom, what a diva. My household is not wealthy by any means, but you'd never know it based on my Mom.

by: Anonymous

I think what's funny is that there are no comments on this page. I guess there just ain't a dang thing funny about it! I have yet to get to the stage where I find my mom amusing...

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