Coloring Pages - Fun Activites for Group or Individual

Coloring Pages – Simple and Effective Fun for Elderly Parents

There are many craft and fun activity ideas that are great for various stages of aging in elderly parents.

One such idea is an art session whereby an easy but effective process of coloring images can have a lasting positive impact on an aging parent who may have trouble with mental focus but can still complete an easy task like coloring between the lines of an image.

Selections to Consider

When selecting pages, such as online coloring pages be sure to keep in mind the parents' past interests that made them smile as they grew up. Coloring images of ships may invoke a happy occasion when she took a trip abroad for a summer or an automobile that the family owned for a spring trip across the country. It is important to select various subjects that they can easily color and at the same time discuss with others what these pages mean to them with past experiences.

Coloring Pages Colored Pencils in Circle

Some subject images worth exploring could be:

Ships and Boats

Transportation such as Buses, Automobiles, Trains, Trucks

Bible or Christian Pages

Holiday Images for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.

Nature Images such as horses, birds, trees, farms.

We highly recommend these Coloring Books for your Elderly Parent

Garden Flowers by Stefen Bernath

Another Grown-Up's Coloring Book by Gladys Scanlon

Additionally, there are a number of extensions to these types of elderly activities such as:

Color Pages by the Numbers – These pages include the suggested color to the associated color making the exercise fun, easy and enjoyable.

Maze Games – these activities can help with reasoning abilities as the game has the elderly parent follow the maze from one end to the other with varying degrees of difficulty.

Coloring Pages with multi colored maze house

Word Puzzles – These can range from fairly simple to pretty complex depending on the elderly parents ability. Always have a backup game ready if it becomes too difficult.

We highly recommend these Coloring Books for your Elderly Parent

Garden Flowers by Stefen Bernath
Another Grown-Up's Coloring Book by Gladys Scanlon

The idea is to have fun and enjoy the day with others while at the same time creating a fun atmosphere.

Coloring Images – Where to find and How to Obtain

There are many sources available for pages and in most cases they can be obtained for little or no cost. Online coloring pages can be printed sometimes at no cost or fee.

All that is required is a printer, some paper and coloring pencils or Crayons to get started.

If there are others that you are aware of that may like to join, ask them if they would like to sit and have some fun as the chatting and coloring pages is an activity that many will enjoy. Individuals can enjoy this activity as well either at home or if at an adult care home this can be a group activity with many hours of conversation.

Coloring Pages to Easy Crafts for Seniors

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