Christian Crafts - Ideas for My Elderly Father to Enjoy

by Virginia
(Phoenix, AZ)

Our family has always been very much devoted to faith and I know it was an important part of dad’s life before he started experiencing memory loss and then eventually being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Since I am my dad’s primary caretaker throughout the week, I am always looking out for simple crafts to do with him so he stays occupied and feels like he has something to look forward to.

One of my challenges is to find crafts that are easy enough so he doesn’t feel embarrassed about what he can or cannot do – but I also want crafts that are meaningful and make him happy.

After doing a search online, I found a great database of Christian crafts online ( that are often done in Sunday school projects and come in a range of skill levels.

Together, we love to make religious cards using a variety of scrapbooking papers and glue – I precut the paper for dad so all he has to worry about is assembling it the way he wants.

Another fun Christian craft we do around the holidays is a felt cross ornament, which I prepare and cut out using the easy instructions and then together Dad and I do a simple blanket stitch around the outside of each ornament.

Watercolor is another relaxing craft to enjoy – we paint various sized pieces of paper and then I write out his favorite Bible verses on each piece so he can hang them up around the house and read the verses anywhere he goes. Doing Christian crafts keeps him comforted and makes him happy for a few hours at a time.

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Dec 20, 2014
Thanks for Sharing
by: Carrie

Thank you for sharing – these craft ideas are something I am going to implement into my grandfather’s day!

Dec 20, 2014
Helping be More Creative
by: Patti

My mother doesn’t have Alzheimer’s, but this she really loves reading her Bible daily and sharing her favorite verses.

These Christian crafts are a great way to help her focus on what she loves while encouraging her to be more creative.

Dec 20, 2014
Watercolors as Art Therapy
by: Doreen

What lovely ideas! Something simple like watercolor is perfect for someone with Alzheimer’s -- it allows an elder family member to be creative and focus on the process rather than perfecting the actual result.

Art therapy is always a great way to introduce activity to a loved one’s daily routine

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