Chosen One

by D Mullinax
(Rockwall, Texas)

I moved my mother in a government senior apartment last November near me and we get along well and at this point she doesn't need a lot of help. She is 81.

I am the oldest and I guess it is my job. My brother lives in the city and has some mental issues but he and his wife are moving out of the city. I have one sister who has a drug problem.
The other one has an alcohol and phobia problem.

I am okay with taking care of my mother but no one has ever told me that they appreciate my doing this since they can't or won't. I am becoming resentful.

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Very Noble of You
by: Anonymous

You sound very pious. I feel like I should take care of my elderly mom, but it would be nice if somehow, somewhere someone could ease the burden of it. I'm talking another family member here. Just saying.

Parents still Live at Home Sibling is a Pain
by: sylvie

My parents still live at home, I was asked from the community to come here and help them, as my brother is taking them to the cleaners. All he ever talks about is what he wants to do with the house, and property. Also asks for money every day. They are paying for him to go through ministry schooling, but don't realize he is just taking them for a ride.

I get so upset, because they keep helping him out and I am left in the dust. I keep thinking about adult abuse, there doesn't seem to be anything I can do to help them.

I see how you feel. I feel sometimes like giving up, but then I feel guilty about thinking about that.I am the oldest child too, and get frustrated.

Forgive Them for They Know not What They do.
by: Renata

Dear Chosen One, pull back! Take a moment. You mean that you are somehow preserved enough from this world to notice that your mother needs loving care, and somehow able to be there for her? You are the blessed one!

Please see, that mostly it's God's goodness toward us that truly enables us to do any good at all. I'm crying now because I remember telling others that I cared for my Father, when the truth is, God blessed me by giving me the opportunity to see him work thru me to accomplish something really good in this world - when I had nothing to offer my Father but my willingness.

My dear chosen one, this thing that you do is really for yourself - you'll see it in time to come. BTW, I thank God for you, because you are willing. I'm caring for my mother now (12 yrs), and my brother doesn't even give her a kiss!

Notice I am not looking for one myself? I forgave him, and chose to acknowledge that the opportunity was mine - God gave it to me, to do it for Him. I only concern myself with how I can do it better, knowing God and I are connected in a special way because of Her.

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