Chair Exercises for Seniors Provides More Benefits than You Might Imagine

by Jane
(Madison, WI)

Both my parents are elderly and both used to be quite active, though they have slowed down a lot in the past couple of years.

I worried about them not getting enough exercise, but I want them to do it safely. My mom has now balance and stability issues, and my dad has lower leg weakness caused by arthritis in his spine. I talked to the physical therapist in my facility and he suggested chair exercises for seniors.

You might wonder how sitting down and exercising can provide any benefit, but you might be amazed. I know I was.

Chair exercises provide the opportunity for seniors with weakness or stability issues to engage in a number of exercises that work the entire body.

For example, sitting in a chair and lifting up first one leg and then the other, will work the lower muscles of the abdomen.

Calf raises work the calf and ankle muscles and encourage circulation. Seated leg extensions maintain muscle strength in the upper thighs as well as range of motion in the knee joint.

"Marching" in place and swinging the arms forward and back while doing so is an excellent way of getting the blood pumping and the heart rate accelerated. Slowly ‘flap’ your arms up and down to the side like an eagle soaring in the sky is great for shoulder mobility and range of motion.

I found a number of videos on YouTube as well as printable seated chair workouts for seniors that I printed off for my parents. These exercises are now part of their daily routines and only take 10 or 15 minutes

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DVD for Chair Exercises for Seniors
by: Abbie

I found a DVD that has a senior chair exercise routine for my elderly mother. Some of the routine is seated, while the other part is standing, using the back of the chair for balance and stability.

Finding a good DVD with uplifting music is a great way to get seniors involved in exercise. I did the workouts with my mom for several times until she had everything down, and now she enjoys doing them by herself.

Chair Exercises for Seniors
by: Diane

I am a senior, and I do seated chair exercises. I fill small water bottles that are easy to grasp for my upper body exercises.

When I'm feeling good, I even add 1 to 2 pound ankle weights to do the leg exercises. A little extra seems to help with my strength the more I try.

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