by Caroline

I live with my mum who is 79 - I am an only child. My father passed away when he was 55.

My mother is not bedridden or infirm etc., just plain demanding, ungrateful, selfish and does nothing with her life only criticize me, put me down, demand, moan and complain. I have never been able to confide in her - even when she was my age and younger she has always been too self absorbed and the problem is worse now she is old.

The problem is I lost my home following a divorce and I live with her as I can't afford anywhere else - she wants me to continue living with her and be her slave but all the same she treats me like an intruder.

My daughter is 22 years old and lives with her boyfriend.

I am in a situation where I am becoming, selfish, bitter and angry all the time - last night I wanted to cut my wrists in anger and frustration. That has concerned me as I have never felt like that before.

Thank God I am in full time employment, have a boyfriend and good friends. But my mother resents all of this as she has no friends and doesn't go anywhere. She is jealous if I focus on my daughter and try and live my life.

Does anybody else feel the same - I feel guilty about feeling so resentful towards her but she is bringing out the very worst in me.

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Mother Called 911
by: Fran

Yesterday my 90 year old mother called 911 to complain that I would not get rid o 24-7 caregiver and let her be on her own.

She can't get out of bed and go to the bathroom - goes 10 times per night. Suggested to the officer that I am drugging because she doesn't recognize her pills - very bad vision.

Have an appointment with geriatric specialist next week and her therapist is coming Wednesday. I never do enough or anything right. I'm suffering here.

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