Caretaking Sister of Parents Shut Out Siblings

by Heartbroken

Our mother just passed away recently with the worst case of breast cancer ever. My sister was hiding that my mother was sick. We knew something wasn't right and every time we mentioned, how's mom she would reply, Just fine.

Our sister has lived with our parents forever and our parents have even raised her illegitimate kids. Our sister has never contributed to the monthly bills incurred by our parents household.

Our parents have recently paid off their home and our sister said that she made our father put her on the deed to avoid any probate problems. Now she has said that she deserves a home and that she is on the deed and not moving after our father passes. My brother and I want our father to sell the home, find a nice place to rent and move closer to us so he can live comfortably and not have to worry about money. He should enjoy what he has worked for all his life.

To me and my brother we have been through so many emotions, even ones that I never knew existed. The most important issue should have been the health and welfare of our parents. It's a little late for our dear mother and now our concern is our father. He is heartsick and our sister doesn't give him much comfort but rather stress.

Our father does not have a will and he believes that when he passes that our sister will not be able to afford the monthly bills and will sell and divide the assets between the siblings. I have encouraged him to get a will with whatever his wishes are. Now our sister has put on facebook that she will call law enforcement, I guess if we go visit our father. My brother and I do not want to add to my dad's stress and are extremely heartbroken over this entire event.

In our eyes our sister is more interested in what she wants rather than what is best for our father. She is a very greedy self centered person. Our sister did not even call us to let us know that our mother had gone to the hospital and when she found out that our dad had told us she got extremely mad. She never gave updated status concerning our mother to our father and did not even let him know when hospice called and said that she was dying .. you better come. She left our father at home. Luckily I was there with my husband and I rushed to get him to hospice so that he could say good-bye. My sister was furious with me. Now we are worried about our dad under her care. Don't know what to do.

Sister is alienating us from our father.

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Caretaking Sister
by: Janet

If you Dad put her on the deed there were charges involved and possibly a lawyer. Make sure she truly did do it.

If both of you had been staying in touch with your parents then one of you should take your father to get that will done. It is very important. Also one of you should get is power of attorney ASAP to keep her from doing more harm.

She could be bluffing you so don't wait. Get the POA now. Then get him to do the will.

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