Caregiving 24/7

I am a live in caregiver and have been doing this since April 2011. The time off I was given is every two weeks off.

I am under stress and have asked the family for every weekend off. They will now give it to me but have asked another caregiver to come in during the week for two eight hour days.

The family does not understand the need I have to be away from the situation so that I am refreshed to continue caring for her.

Does the law require two day off a week for care giving? Am I wrong to pursue my needs with the family when they tell me absolutely out of the question to have every weekend off?


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WHAT'S your Current Schedule?
by: Christine

I'm a bit confused; do you get every other two weeks off or two weeks off a year? How many weekends do you get off now? And have you only been doing this since April of this year?

I know many people have been caring for loved-ones for much longer than I have, but I've been a live-in caregiver since May 2008 and haven't gotten a single week off since then. I'm lucky to catch a day here and there if it's necessary, as my Mom (stroke-survivor) won't have outside caregivers in her home, so it's just up to her 82-year-old spouse and me...and it pretty much takes two people to care for all her needs.

I'd love some time to "refresh" myself, but that's just not in the cards right now. Please be thankful that your situation is as manageable as it is, and try not to feel so sorry for yourself.

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